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5 Solar Panel Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


According to statistics, the number of Americans using solar power is expected to triple by 2030. 

Are you ahead of the curve? Do you already have your own solar panel system in place? If so, you’re probably enjoying energy savings, as well as contributing to reduced carbon emissions. 

However, once you install a solar system, there’s one very important solar panel maintenance task you have to get right. No matter the size of your system or the types of solar panels, you need to know how to go about cleaning solar panels. 

If you’re using the wrong cleaning products or solar panel cleaning tools, you might damage your panels. 

Keep reading to find out the top solar panel cleaning mistakes to avoid. 

1. Not Turning off the System

One of the first and most dangerous solar panel cleaning mistakes you can make is not turning off your system before cleaning the solar panels. 

Water and electricity is a dangerous combination, even if the electricity is coming from the sun. At best you might damage your system by spraying water in places that it’s not designed to go.

At worst, you might experience an electric shock. The chances of this are slim, when you’re working with water and electrical components it’s always best to be cautious. 

2. Using Harsh Cleaners

One of the most common solar panel cleaning mistakes people make is using harsh chemical cleaners on their solar panel system. 

Harsh cleaning products can damage the reflective finish on your panels. In some cases, it can even void your warranty. Besides this, harsh cleaners simply aren’t necessary, no matter what types of solar panels you have installed. 

Cleaning off debris and dust is an important part of solar panel maintenance, but you do not need to go beyond this. You won’t need to eradicate grease or bacteria when cleaning solar panels. If you want to use a clearing agent at all, opt for the gentlest product possible. 

3. Using Abrasive Solar Panel Cleaning Tools

Another mistake you want to avoid when cleaning solar panels is going at them with abrasive brushes or scrubbers. 

This can also damage their finish, shorten the lifespan of your panels, and degrade their capacity. Therefore, choose soft, non-abrasive things for your solar panel cleaning tools, such as squeegees, sponges, and clothes. 

4. Not Rinsing Your Panels Properly

If you do use a cleaning product on your solar panel system, make sure that you rinse them down thoroughly. Any residue left behind can cloud the surface and impact the output of your panels. 

5. Not Putting Safety First

Damaging your system is not the worst that can happen when cleaning solar panels. If you injure yourself while climbing a steep roof simply to spray down your panels, this can have far bigger consequences than doing something like using the wrong cleaner. 

If you have to mount a high or steeply pitched roof to start cleaning your solar panels, make sure you take all the proper safety precautions, such as using a harness, protective headgear, etc. If the roof is especially high or steep, call in a contractor to do the job. 

Of course, this is not a worry with portable solar kits, as most portable kits are set up at ground level and don’t require you to climb onto a roof. 

Avoid These Solar Panel Cleaning Mistakes 

Cleaning your solar panels is a pretty simple job, but it’s very important that you don’t inadvertently damage your panels with harsh cleaners, or abrasive scrubbers, or injure yourself in the process. 

Avoid these solar panel cleaning mistakes to ensure both your own safety and the longevity of your panels.  

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