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6 Investing Tips Every Beginner Should Know


You might be surprised to learn that with a little planning and by starting early, you could actually retire and have a million dollars to live on. Sound unbelievable?

If you’re 30 years from retirement and start putting away at least $8,000 a year and it has modest growth, you actually could have close to a million by the time you are ready to hang up your work life. 

Most people find this idea surprising and also encouraging. By using some simple investing tips, even a beginner can reap the benefits of investing for the future. 

Read on for these 6 investment ideas and tips to get you started.

1. Know Your Financial Picture 

It’s important before you dive into investing for the future that you have a handle on your current financial situation. It doesn’t make sense to put so much money into an investment and barely be able to cover your monthly bills. 

Likewise, you don’t want to focus on investing if you have lots of debt. Most experts agree it makes the most sense to pay down your debt and avoid paying those high interest rates. It will give you more money for investing once you pay them off. 

2. Set Some Goals and Start Early

As you can see from the earlier example, it doesn’t have to be hard to build some real wealth when you start early. For many in their 20s or even 30s, you might be thinking that retirement feels so far away. 

The truth is that if you get started early and get used to putting that money away towards your investments each month, you won’t even miss it. 

3. Learn About Investing

Sure, you can talk to a financial adviser. You can listen to the advice of others. It’s still your money that’s being invested. It makes sense to make sure you learn some things about investing. 

Where are you putting your money? Understand how the investment works and what risk is involved.  

4. Take Advantage of Retirement Accounts

If you have the option of investing in retirement accounts through your employer, you need to do this right away. IRAs and 401Ks allow you to put in money pre-tax which saves you in the long run. Some retirement investments, like Roths, for example, have you pay the taxes before putting the money in, but you don’t have to pay it later at retirement. 

You can usually put this money away automatically from your pay, so you never see it, or miss it. Many employers will match funds too. Take advantage of this “free” money your employer is contributing to your retirement account. 

5. Be In For the Long Haul

Don’t expect to be a millionaire overnight. In fact, many experts suggest you get your money invested and use the forget about it philosophy. Let the money and the investment do what it’s intended to do, grow over time. 

All investing has ups and downs. Be prepared to look at it for the long haul vs the short-term ups and downs.

6. Diversify Your Investments

Once you get going with your investing, it always makes sense to diversify where you’re putting your money. Don’t have all your money in one place in case there is a drop in one investment, you still have others working for you. 

You might even consider investing in international markets through monexsecurities.com.au

Investing Tips to Get You Started 

Use these investing tips to start growing your money. With some simple and smart investing strategies, you can be on your way to more wealth in the future. 

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