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Email Marketing Tips and tricks


Email Marketing is still is one of the most gainful approaches to build relationships with potential customers. As per the reports from Adobe people spend about 6.4 hours every day to read their emails.

At whatever point a business works, they need emails. From several sources, whenever a company spends a dollar, in return they make about 44 dollars. So, email is still a very effective marketing tool. Before making a profitable client, we must board them into our email list.

Let’s discuss some effective E-mail Marketing and trick’s for 2020

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Simple layout or format

The entire idea behind this is to get into your client’s inbox as a buddy. I know graphically designed emails look really cool and eye-catchy in your inbox. Everybody wants something like that for their businesses.

Every email service provider comes with these kinds of templates in their software. The reason we don’t use those, because they look like commercials. Try to become a helpful person who’d understand and guide them in the direction they want to go.

Email marketing tips and tricks

Old/ plain text emails are likely to be read more when compared to those commercial ones. They look more genuine and most successful marketers have been following this approach.


Instead of giving any advice or tips, you should go for storytelling. By putting a small story in your mail, you’ll make it more relevant and valuable.

At the point when we hear a decent story, we feel progressively relatable and personal. Particularly in the event that you are looking at something from your past or client’s past or present.

Try to make it more colorful. Add your emotions. like how’d you have felt in that same situation and how you are feeling now after recovering from that one.


If your business offers different types of services or products that target different customers, you should create simple segments of customers.
For example, if you are a Digital marketer then you can offer SEO services or PPC.

You can deliberately make various complimentary gifts or lead magnets directed towards each segment. Now, who settles on PPC, put them in the email group of PPC and the individuals who go for SEO, put them in different email segments. So they both start receiving emails related to that service.

So, this approach is very necessary for those customers who have different types of goals in their minds. By doing this, you are also minimizing the risk of getting unsubscribed.

Re-arranging/Scrubbing your email list

Don’t go for the quantity, go for the quality. You need to have those on the list who actually open your emails and look forward to hearing from you.

If there is a big list of people who rarely open your emails, there might be great chances of being marked as spam or unsubscribed. If there are many people who are flagging you spam.

Then email service providers like Gmail will put you either in a promotion folder or in spam. And most importantly, that goes for your entire list of people. So, all those who actually like getting your emails, you also end up in their spam folders. And nobody wants that.

Another advantage is that it’s cost-effective. For example, service providers like MailChimp or Active campaign make bills, on the basis of your number of subscribers. So it good to drop those subscribers who are not active. For this, you can check who hasn’t opened your email in the last 60 days or 90 days.

Then start a new campaign directed towards those who are valuable.
By getting rid of those people, it makes you deliverability more effective for those who love o hear from you.

Include Videos

Incorporating videos in your emails leads to double your opening rates. You just need to mention “video” in your subject, and your opening rate will be significantly increased.

People tend to consume more information when they get to see the video. Almost everybody able to understand and retain more information, when they are watching and hearing the content they wanted.

Make a short video, it doesn’t have to be high production value, you don’t need a camera crew nor you need to spend hundreds of dollars. Just use your smartphone, make a selfie video. And then, upload it to youtube with the interesting thumbnails and link it to your email.

Welcome Emails or Series

A welcome email is a triggered message sent to the user after registration. This is a very interesting way to delight your new email subscribers. It helps to create a bond and loyalty with your subscribers.

these emails are used to thank new subscribers for showing interest in your brand. sending a sweet hello is always better than coming straight to the point of business.

it’s basically an initial stage to tell your subscribers about your story. with this, you can also create email campaigns to know your audience better. by creating a series, you can introduce your products or services, and then, in the next mail, you can offer them a promo code to make their first purchase with a good discount.

Now, I would love to hear from for which way you are thrilled to try for your email marketing campaign.

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