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The final frontier: Brown now wants to catch Mercedes and Red Bull with McLaren F1

The final frontier: Brown now wants to catch Mercedes and Red Bull with McLaren F1

At the last Huge Prix d’Italie, McLaren won his first road since 2012 (Brazil, Jenson Button) and signed his first double since 2010.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, has thus seen his work of several years be validated. On the 2d, as he mentioned for the official build of residing of F1, the American had not known, in his career, such wide, deep joy – after years of hardship which have undoubtedly made even more beautiful this double.

“Winning at Monza was the best road experience of my life. Doing it this way – with the fastest lap, the fastest pit stop and leading almost every excursion except the pit stop sequence – was amazing. While it didn’t sound like a domineering performance – certainly not, when you’re stressed out on the pit wall, and when you’re never more than a second ahead for 53 excursions. But it was an amazing weekend kill when you look at what we accomplished. “

” It was immensely rewarding for the road team because they’ve been through so much, so it was a great victory for ‘team. »

It is clear that McLaren has turned a corner for at least two years. A handsome player, Zak Brown credits the one he appointed to head the F1 team, Andreas Seidl.

“I think Andreas , my management team and the whole team have a lot to do with it … there is the team on the circuit and then there is the whole team at home. »

This is only the first step in the recovery of McLaren, which aims to become a successful team again, in particular thanks to the new aerodynamic regulations.

“Our goal is just to get closer to the front of the pack, that’s the ultimate measure. Three teams have won programs lately and all these victories are the result of circumstances. And good for them, I’m not taking anything away from them, but we were certainly good enough to be in this joint. »

This victory also did the most substantial good for Daniel Ricciardo, who suffered so much since the beginning of the year …

“That’s exactly what he needed. He had a difficult start to integrate into the car. He fitted in very well with the team, but he struggled to get as much as he could out of the car – so going to win at Monza was a huge boost for him and it’s great at see. »

On the contrary, Lando Norris has been flying since the start of the year and has really taken a step forward. But in which areas more specifically according to Zak Brown?

“Everywhere. His goal. His experience. He’s incredibly fast. He doesn’t make mistakes. He’s growing and maturing as a pilot, and he’s improving everywhere. »

The battle with Ferrari, for the 3rd articulate in the constructors classification, remains very tight; Notice Webber made McLaren his favorite, basing himself on “calm” and “firepower” from Woking. Does Zak Brown validate?

“I hope Notice is right and I appreciate the flattering comments, but it’s too tight for the 2d. I think it’s going to be played on the last road and it can go both ways. As we saw on the last road, their car is very competitive, they have two very good drivers and they are a great road team. It’s 50-50 to know who will come first. “

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