5 Strange & Weird Laws from Around the World


Human society is full of rules and laws. All these laws tell us what we should do and what must not do to live peacefully within society. These social boundaries are created by humans that’s why they may contain inconsistencies, errors, and ambiguities.

Do you know some countries have bizarre and strange laws and rules for their citizens? Let’s explore 5 strange and weird laws from around the world that will astonish you.

1)    Smile Law in Milan, Italy

Let’s start happily with the “Happy Law’ of Milan City, Italy. No doubt, it is not an actual law. However, it is a strict local regulation that everyone in Milan must smile when they are outside their home. Furthermore, the authorities think that this regulation is enhancing the positivity and happiness in the city atmosphere.

On the other side, it is prohibited to smile in hospitals and funerals. Additionally, you can’t smile in front of people suffering from any serious disease.

2)    It’s illegal to Forget Your Wife’s Birthday, in Samoa.

It’s alarming news for all those gentlemen who used to forget their wives’ birthdays. You must upgrade your memory software and try to remember your wife’s birthday. God knows when your country or city announces a rule like Samoa.

Yes, in Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday. It is a subject of punishment there. The first offense may be a warning and if you continue doing this then the punishment maybe severe.

So, gentlemen, try to set reminders in your mobile calendar. No one will know that the calendar is reminding you through a loud alarm or you remember the special day of the birthday of your beloved wife by yourself. The choice is yours, gentlemen.

3)    Anti-Chewing Gum Regulation In Singapore

No one can say that he doesn’t know about Singapore. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, it also has a strange law that states “It is illegal to consume chewing gum in Singapore.

A reason behind this “Anti-chewing gum regulation’ is to enhance the level of cleanliness. In addition to this, this law also saves a large amount of money that the government uses to remove gums from sidewalks.

4)    Vote or Pay Fine in Egypt

Most of the countries don’t force their people to vote during the election. However, in Egypt, it is compulsory to cast your vote. If you are not going to cast your vote then you have to pay a fine. Therefore, if you are an Egyptian citizen then it is must to vote to select your favorite candidate.

5)    Rude Gestures & Harsh Words Are Prohibited

The UAE and Kenya rules prohibit use of the offensive rude gestures and swearing. Moreover, it is illegal to use harsh and insulting words during anger in public places. Therefore, you must not use any rude gesture as well as your tongue at a time of anger. Otherwise, be ready to visit a jail or pay a fine generously.


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