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Is it Worth It To Buy New Furniture or Move It?

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Moving is a major milestone that entails crucial decisions. Once you’ve decided to relocate, the next tough decision would be choosing what belongings to bring – and it is more challenging when it comes to home furniture.

Quite obviously, the more items you transport, the higher the moving costs. That said, many people are thinking whether relocating their furniture with the rest of their stuff is worth it or replacing them with new ones.

Although the thought of moving to a new place with a clean slate is exciting, some pieces are hard to get rid of. For example, antiques and heirloom pieces hold so many memories that you can’t afford to leave behind. Likewise, buying new furniture is a substantial expense that can be costlier than relocating your existing ones.

Weighing your options is not that simple. There are several things to consider when deciding the fate of your existing furniture. Here we take a look at some important considerations to help you decide whether to ship furniture or buy new.

Economic value and quality

You don’t want to spend on shipping old, dilapidated furniture pieces that seem rubbish. Check the furniture piece if it’s still durable, usable, and functional with good value. Pricey, high-quality furniture that will last a long time may be worth moving. Take note, however, that expensive furniture should be assessed. Also, keep in mind the depreciation value of furniture – what cost you a fortune ten years ago may not be as valuable today. If you still have time, you may want to consider selling your furniture and use the money to buy a replacement once you settle in.

Sentimental value

It’s not uncommon for people to associate furniture with memories and this can play a major factor in your decision. Heirloom furniture pieces are considered family treasures that you would want to bring to your new place. However, it’s easy to get emotionally attached to your belongings, especially if you’ve been using them for years. Always be rational. Don’t let sentimental value take over the practicality of moving expenses.

It is also possible that a sentimental piece will not fit in your new place. Perhaps it is best to have the furniture “adopted” by a friend or family so you won’t feel guilty leaving it behind.

Vintage and antique pieces

The financial worth of old pieces makes moving expense worth it. Vintage and antique furniture is made of the finest material and quality craftsmanship that remain expensive even with time. So, if your furniture pieces fall in this category and you don’t plan to dispose of them soon, then it’s wise to bring them along with you.

Risk of damage

Movers from Torex, Mississauga Moving Company, emphasized that the risk of damage will always be there when moving furniture. Whether you are hiring professional movers or doing it on your own, there is the potential for damage. For delicate or old furniture that may not survive long-distance transport, it may be wise to leave behind.

If you intend to relocate fragile belongings, be sure to hire reliable moving professionals to ensure proper handling and optimum protection during the travel. Professional movers are insured so they can guarantee the value of your expensive pieces. Here is Why Risk Taking Is Crucial In Business?


If the furniture is past its best day, then moving it may not be worth the cost. The older furniture gets, the more likely it will get damaged during the relocation. Instead of saving, you may end up having to buy a replacement.

You should also consider how the existing furniture will fit in your new space. If it does not go well with the interior design or room layout, then relocating it may be useless. Think about how you will lay out the old pieces in your new home and how they will match up with the interior design. For sure, you don’t want your furniture to looking out of place. Sadly, some unscrupulous movers will charge more to relocate these white elephants.

Make sure that whatever you decide to move will be usable and worthwhile in your destination. Practicality should be your topmost consideration in deciding what to bring and what to leave.


If you’re caught in a dilemma between buying or moving furniture, know your priority and focus on your requirements. Are you concerned about your budget, the interior design, the sentimental value of furniture, or anything else? Think about what will make your space livable and what will make you happy. Consider the factors discussed above to help ensure a worthwhile furniture move.

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