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There is no doubt that living a remarkable life is not easy. You have to control your life and destiny by yourself without any help and support. The most significant thing is not paying attention towards people’s opinions and what they are saying about your choices. You should focus on what matters to you and what is your priority. Furthermore, you have to take care of your spirit, mind, and body to achieve your goals in life. Nicole JunkerMann Mary Bara are the best examples.

They have their goal, and they both worked hard to hit their targets without considering what people are saying about them. These successful women set awesome examples for other women too. Mary Bara Nicole Junkermann moved out of home and accepts leadership specifically in those areas which were associated with males exclusively.

The wave of feminism is turning into the tide of women empowerment. Nowadays women are equally managing their personal and professional life. Now women are politicians, scientists, athletes, innovators, educators, and successful businesswomen. Among successful and intelligent women executives, Mary Barra and Nicole Junkermann are famous.

Nicole Junkermann Mary Bara

They both belong to generation Z who wish to hit their targets as soon as possible. Both these highly motivated women made their way towards their goals without considering hurdles and social limitations. Nicole Junkermann, as a female entrepreneur gave a tough time to her male competitors. On the other side, Mary Bara enhances the growth rate of her business through her sharp leadership talent.

Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann is an energetic woman with strong willpower. She worked with strong determination and achieved the place where she is right now. Her name comes in the list of the richest people in Germany. Nicole made her way in the co-operate world successfully through her gaming online platform.

In addition to this, the venture capital fund for united sports is also at her credit. Nicole is the CEO, director of Trilantic Europe, a private business, and director of Owkin, and she is also a part of NJF Capital’s investment portfolio. Moreover, she is a proud mother of her daughter. Nicole wishes that her daughter also become a self-assured, strong, and independent woman like her.

Early Life of Nicole Junkermann

On 27th April 1980, Heinz Junkermann, a successful businessman, and Ingrid Junkerman, who was also from the business world, welcomed their only child. They gave her a beautiful name Nicole. Both parents spoiled her because she was their only child. In June 2011, Heinz passed away at the age of 83. He established a successful banking organization in Germany and Western Europe. Nicole learned many things and rules of business from her father.

Nicole studied at the University of Monaco and gained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration. She started her career in sports after completing her graduation by co-founding Winamax which is a football gaming digital platform.

During the time 2002-2011, Nicole was a vice-chairman and strategic investor of one media and sports company which was later purchased by Bridgepoint. In addition to her other achievements, in 2007, the first sports-focused fund was also founded by Nicole.

Now from 2011, she is investing in virtual reality, cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, robots, and genomics. Moreover, she established NJF holding which is a finance and international investment organization with a private equity arm, venture capital arm, JJ collection, and a real estate investment arm.

There is no doubt that Nicole Junkermann is a business mentor. She proved herself on the boards of OWKIN, Trilantic Capital Europe, and Shanghai Sports. The work field of Nicole Junkermann is not limited to Germany. She expands her territory in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Due to this reason, she upgraded her skills too and become able to speak German, English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish as well.

Nicole Junkermann‘s Success Credit Goes to her Early Experiences

Nicole Junkermann
Nicole Junkermann

Nicole gave the credit for her successful career to her exposure and experience in co-operate world. Her father was a well-known and successful businessman in Germany. Nicole used to attend business meetings with her father, Heinz Junkermann from her childhood.

Furthermore, her father gave her essential knowledge of business and all the significant rules to run a successful business. She said that the main reason behind her all commercial success today is her initial exposure of business world.

She also wants that her daughter also lives a life as an independent and successful woman in this world. Indeed, there are several things that we should learn from the life of this successful woman.

Another Gem of Business World, Mary Bara

A well-known business star, Mary Bara is an American businesswoman. Since 2014, she is serving as the CEO of General motors. In the whole world, Mary Bara is the first woman CEO of any automaker company. No doubt, it’s a great achievement.

She was born in Michigan and due to some reason she spent her early years in Waterford. She graduated from Waterford Mott High School. Furthermore, she joined the institute of the General motor in Flint, Michigan.

She completed her electrical engineering, and at that time she was also a member of the engineering society, Tau Beta Pi. In addition to this, she gained a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1990.

Mary Bara’s Amazing Journey as a Leader

It’s true that she joined the workforce in her early years. She was only 18 years old when she started working for General Motors. At that time, she was a student at the institute of general motors. She started with simple tasks like inspecting hoods and fenders and used her earned money to pay her educational dues.

Due to her interest and knowledge in automobiles, the company started assigning her bigger tasks. No doubt, she proved that she deserves more. In a short time, she became a Detroit Assembly Plant manager.

In 2008, Mary Bara joined the business as a Global Manufacturing Engineering Vice president and in 2009, she was a vice president of Global Human Resources. After two years of this position, she was promoted to the position of Vice president of Global product development.

Mary Bara performed duties in various sectors like Global purchasing and supply chain. In 2014, she attained the position of CEO. There is no doubt that she faced several challenges till today. Moreover, Marry Bara developed a diverse range of safety measures to strengthen the cooperate culture. She tried her best to make the workplace safe and comfortable for both employees and clients.

In addition to this, she enhanced the growth rate of the company and focus on electric vehicles. That’s why, she become the first carmaker who offered an electric car for less than 40,000 dollars, the Chevy Bolt EV. Furthermore, Mary Bara’s incredible knowledge of both technology and human contributes a lot to her unique style of successful leadership.

Inspiration from These Marvelous Real World’s Superwomen

Nicole Junkermann Mary Bara, the superwoman of our real world inspired us a lot. There are various things in these success stories of both women which we should learn. They set a great example for all women of the world. There is no doubt that a woman is not weak when she decides to do something, she can do anything. The success stories of these women teach us how to face all challenges and never give up in any situation. Furthermore, these are the best stories to open the eyes of all women so that they can do such things also. It’s proof that women deserve equal rights and they can also perform duties like men.

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