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The Future Of Remote Work: How To Ensure Optimal Productivity

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Many businesses are struggling to keep up with the times, and are experiencing a drop in productivity. The good news is that there are ways to maintain and increase productivity levels while working remotely, with the proper know-how. Since working from home shows no signs of stopping, it’s high time to get to work and find the best ways to stay happy and productive! To not lose steam this quarter, businesses need to think outside the box and go back to their roots. Get with the times and improve your remote worker’s productivity with these important guidelines! 

Structure and transparency

The future of productive online working depends on a good work ethic and transparency within the company. Working from home lacks some of the rigid structure that is important for high productivity levels. Employee honesty is the best policy when it comes to their working schedule. Transparency is important, but there are other ways to help everyone involved. Certain software can be the key to improving productivity and efficiency in any team. Using employee screenshot monitoring keeps your employees focused on their jobs and boosts productivity. Help your employees find structure in their workday at home, with different kinds of software, just remember to be transparent about them.

Set healthy boundaries and communicate

It can be difficult to separate work from home when working from home, and this can affect your employee’s wellbeing and productivity. An easy way to stop these two worlds from blurring together and causing problems is to set healthy boundaries. Limiting and respecting availability times and taking regular breaks is key. Incorporating wellness and mindfulness into the workday and managing expectations are essential. For many, working at this pace has been unsustainable, and will continue to be so until the proper measures are taken. Productivity needs to be about longevity, so encourage your employees to set boundaries.

Clarify expectations

Nobody knows what the future holds when it comes to working from home, but clarifying expectations is a must. Knowing what is expected of you helps you to contextualize, plan out, and achieve your goals. As a business owner, your job is to make sure that your employees know what their jobs are and what is expected of them. Unclear roles or expectations can lead to frustration and lower productivity and efficiency. Make a habit to reward or uplift employees who achieve or exceed expectations, as a way to motivate the rest.  Be clear about your expectations and your employees will follow suit. 

Increase feedback

Feedback is an essential part of work, especially when working from home. Feedback shows your employees what they did right, where they went wrong, and what can be improved on in the future. It gives pointers on how to do a better job next time, which motivates your employees and increases their productivity. Find a balance between a healthy, productive amount of feedback and a counterproductive feedback loop. No one wants to be caught in a revolving door of feedback emails that could have been a single talking point in a meeting! Remember to not go overboard with your feedback!

Engage your employees

Sometimes connection, engagement, and recognition are enough to increase productivity among remote workers. Working from home can get pretty monotonous for your employees, and boredom can lead to a drop in productivity. Boost their mood and productivity by engaging them and by showing appreciation. Stay connected with technology, enforce team-building, and give them the right tools and resources to work with. Ask for and offer constructive criticism and encourage employees to give their input and opinions on projects. Include and appreciate your employees to boost productivity and a healthy working environment. 

Support your employees

Working from home and worrying about productivity and efficiency can take its toll on remote workers. Although as a business, your main focus is on profits, success, and productivity, it’s important to keep in mind that your employees are people too.  Be empathetic and understanding with them, and check in if you notice any struggling. Create a support network within your company where employees can express their frustrations or bond to boost morale. Supporting your employees shows them that you value their effort and input. This improves their self-esteem and productivity in the long run.

Support your employees

Achieving optimal productivity boils down to structure, communication, and support. Having structure and routine can give your employees purpose and improve their productivity. Transparency and communication are essential to having order and structure in remote workers. Clarify your expectations while encouraging healthy boundaries to discourage overworking and encourage productivity. Working from home is a challenge for anyone, so it’s important to stand by your employees, engage, and support them. Keep all this in mind and you’re bound to see an increase in productivity in no time!

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