Video Calls with WhatsApp

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Since May 3, 2019, Whatsapp launched. They have a lot of features in their release from beginning to date. Video calls with Whatsapp or Whatsapp Video Calling is a great feature in-app to share the camera with others anywhere in the world. Here we will provide you the link to WhatsApp download for video calling.

This Topic will cover only features related to video calls with WhatsApp.

How to do? Whatsapp Video Calling

The Application on android and IOS has a feature to make video calls with Whatsapp. When you write a message to tap on the contact you will see at the top right corner you will Movie Camera ICON.

whatsapp video call
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Tap on that and the other side phone will ring if connected to the internet.

Which internet use to start video Calls on WhatsApp?

If you are looking for how to make audio-video calls without using VPN in UAE. Please visit Totok App Page

We prefer to use a Wi-Fi connection to make calls and save your mobile data. But you can use Mobile data also where Wi-Fi not available. Why we prefer to use wi-fi because WhatsApp video calls consume more data.
If you are using mobile data, then make sure before that signal strength is strong to avoid disruption.

Watch this video on how to make WhatsApp video call.

WhatsApp download for video calling Windows / MAC Android and IOS:

We have provided direct link for Windows and Mac to download Whatsapp video calling app

Download from Appstore
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Download from Appstore
What App download for android
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Download from Google Play


Download for Windows
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Download for Windows


Download for MAC
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for Mac


You can access WhatsApp on the computer through any browser by typing [“]”


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