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Will my Homeowner Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

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Hurricanes occur frequently in Florida, especially during the hurricane season, which starts
on June 1st and ends on November 30th. If you reside in an area that has a high risk of
experiencing this natural calamity, you may be wondering if your homeowner insurance
covers hurricane damage, whether there are any policy limits and how much the deductible
may be. In addition, if your property has sustained damages caused by the natural calamity,
then you should speak to a hurricane damage lawyer at Kogan & DiSalvo in Florida who can
guide you on how to get compensation for your losses.

Does My Homeowner Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

A standard homeowner insurance policy in the state of Florida includes hurricane coverage,
which covers the damage caused by the natural calamity. If you are buying a home, then
you will be required to get homeowner’s insurance from the lenders. Although insurers in
other states may provide hurricane coverage as an add-on endorsement, it is included in the
standard homeowner’s policy in the state of Florida.
The Insurance Information Institute (III) reported Florida as the number one place for storm
surge risk. The other areas that have been ranked in the top five include Texas, Louisiana,
New York, and New Jersey. If you live in such areas, you can protect your property and
belongings by buying homeowner’s insurance.

What Is Included In The Homeowner’s Insurance In Florida?

The coverage can include the losses caused by rain, hail, and tornadoes if they have been
directly caused by the hurricane. In addition, the policy generally includes your home’s
structure, interior property damage, and your items inside the building. Furthermore, the
policy includes other structures like your greenhouse, garage, or shed. Moreover, the policy
will cater to all the additional living expenses you will incur if you can’t live in your home
because it is being repaired.

What Is Not Covered By Homeowner Insurance In Florida?

If you live in a coastal county in Florida, then you need to know what is not covered by the
insurance. For instance, the homeowner insurance policy does not cover the losses caused
by tropical storms. In addition, it does not cover the losses caused by water from flash
floods. Therefore, the residents are encouraged by the Florida Office of Insurance
Regulation (FLOIR) to consider flood insurance.
Moreover, the policy does not cover damage done to vehicles. During storms, toppled trees,
windblown objects, or floods can land on vehicles and crush them. The only way to protect
your vehicle is to purchase comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance policy,
which will cover the damages your vehicle has sustained.

Homeowner Insurance Policy Rates

The price of the homeowner insurance policy depends on factors like your home’s age,
features, and location. However, the average price for the policy is $1,410 as of 2021. It’s

important to investigate these rates as you’re looking at homes. You don’t want to get stuck
with something you don’t want or must deal with the consequences of not getting the right
insurance. Having all the coverage necessary can make all the difference.


Florida is the state which has the highest risk of getting hurricanes in America. Therefore, if
you reside in Florida, you should purchase a homeowner insurance cover that can cover the
damages and losses that the natural calamity has caused on your property. This type of
insurance is important for a homeowner dealing with these storms. Unfortunately, they will
not go away but if you are covered you won’t be left behind.

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