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4 Common Online Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Are you safe from all of the common cyber threats? While you might feel safe from cyber criminals due to the size of your business, about 43% of data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses!

If you’re not careful, you might be making some of the most common online security mistakes that could ruin your business. But what are those mistakes?

Keep reading for some of the top mistakes that business owners make regarding their cybersecurity.

1. Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are common amongst people who use the internet for business and personal use alike. It’s harder than you think to make a good password!

Most people try to focus on passwords that they think are memorable. Unfortunately, a memorable password is usually not a strong password. The easier the password, the easier a cybercriminal can get into your data. 

Protecting business data means using complicated passwords that have random strings of letters and numbers. If you use common words, arrange them in abnormal ways. Don’t store your password on your computer.

2. Keeping Old Information

Do you go through and delete old accounts and information when it’s no longer useful for you?  If not, you’re opening yourself up to security threats.

When you keep old data, you’re just presenting more available fodder to cybercriminals. When you keep old accounts (such as accounts from former employees or customers), you’re creating another avenue for someone to access your data. Because these accounts are unused, you might not even notice that someone has used them until it’s too late.

3. Not Having a Designated Tech Person

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good tech team or individual. 

Many small business owners want to try to do it on their own. They may think that they can hire one-time contractors when things get rough, so why bother having someone on call all of the time? 

When you use tech professionals from a site like pics-itech.com for your tech needs, you have an online security team available to help you with online security whenever you need it. Don’t wait for an emergency to call for help.

4. Not Doing Routine Updates

We’ve all done it. We see that little notification on the top right of our computer screens asking us to update our system. We click “remind me again later.” There’s no judgment here.

It’s one thing to ignore those pop-ups when you’re using your personal computer, but when it comes to your business computer, you need to make those updates. 

When your system is trying to update, it’s updating a variety of things that can help your workflow and overall quality of life. It’s also updating security software to keep up with current threats.

It’s worth taking a few moments to restart your system if it means that it will protect your business. 

Do You Make These Common Online Security Mistakes?

These common online security mistakes might seem small, but they can have large consequences for your business. One bad data breach can destroy your reputation!

Start improving your online security and protect yourself, your customers, and your employees today.

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