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4 Reasons Business Name Tags Are Important

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Did you know that the number of Zoom users jumped from 10 million in December 2019 to 350 million by December 2020? With so many people working from home, it became one of the fastest-growing apps of 2020.

One of the perks of Zoom is that your name is clearly stated on your video feed. However, with many employees returning to the office in 2021, we can no longer rely on zoom to remind us of our coworkers’ names.

The past year has shown us that business name tags are an essential part of company culture, no matter your industry. But why exactly should you bother wearing a name tag?

We’re here to clue you in. Keep reading below to learn four reasons why business name tags are an important addition to your company!

1. More Reliable Feedback 

How many times have you read a Yelp review either praising or criticizing an unnamed employee? In those situations, it’s difficult to know who to address within your staff. In cases of negative feedback, the problem often goes unresolved.

By using name tags for your business, customers will have a clear idea of who’s assisting them. This will provide you with more reliable feedback if they choose to leave a public review or contact your company directly. This then gives you a better understanding of your staff’s performance levels.

2. Brand Promotion

If your business name tags feature your company’s logo, you can bank on getting some free marketing services. Since many employees leave their name tags on when they have to make coffee runs or take their lunch breaks, more people outside your company will be exposed to your brand and a member of your team.

3. Connect with Coworkers

It’s tricky to remember everyone’s name when you’re more focused on finishing your tasks. Whether your company is large or small, the addition of an employee name tag can help foster bonds between coworkers.

With name tags, staff can address one another by name during the conversation, which has been shown to bolster relationships between people. It’s also helpful for individuals with less common names, as they can include the pronunciation of their name in parenthesis on their name badges.

It also creates more trustworthy relationships between a boss and their staff. When a boss addresses an employee by name in a conversation or a greeting, it shows that their superior respects them as an individual, rather than just as another cog in the corporate machine.

4. Create Personal Client Relationships 

One thing many brands struggle with is creating real relationships with their clients. If you want to bridge that gap, business name tags can be a huge asset. If a client can talk one-on-one with an employee and address them by name, they’re more likely to feel comfortable using your services.

It’s a great way to create level footing too, as employees typically remember regular clients, but the clients may not always remember those of the employees. This can prevent any awkward situations.

The Benefits of Business Name Tags

Business name tags may seem like a trivial thing to invest in. However, they can lead to more meaningful connections between clients and coworkers. With the info above, you’ll have a better idea of whether name tags will make a great addition to your company’s dress code!

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