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Five Ways Modern HRMS Solve Traditional HR Issues

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Human Resource Management is a science and discipline on its own and is something that is indispensable as it is the very core of every organization. With its human resources, a company can not fathom how to get anything done, and therefore effective management of human resources is of utmost importance.

Traditional methods of managing human resources were usually manual with a large ledger that had individual named sheets for each and every employee. This system was highly problematic and was soon taken over by conventional and widely used HRMS Software systems which automated Human Resource management to a large extent.

The HRMS system also had a few flaws with regards to its flexibility and versatility when it comes to adapting to each company’s profile and requirements. With the growth in Information Technology, these issues were fixed instantly by adding numerous custom features that modernized the HRMS that is extensively used today.

It revolutionized the HR industry by giving managers ultimate control and flexibility over the way data and information are handled in the organization and can be utilized efficiently for reporting and easy management.

Traditional HR Issues

The human resource department is perhaps the most dynamic wing of any organization consisting of numerous distinct resources that change constantly, unlike the other resources of a company. This made the jobs of HR managers extremely difficult as they had to constantly work towards updating the system with newer information every time.

For larger corporations, the amount of data that managers handled for each and every employee was also quite high and tedious to track. Payroll and attendance management was also a very difficult issue as the number of employees stacked high in comparison to the managers who had to work on this information.

These issues were addressed by adding custom-built features to the conventional HRMS and making it a modern HRMS that easily solved all these issues with simple built-in features and custom HRMS software suites. These additions made handling data and employee information much organized and accessible.

Below are 5 ways that modern HRMS solve traditional HR issues:

  1. Employee Information Maintenance

With custom-made HRMS suites, it is easy to add, edit and update employee information with just a click of a button. The entire lifecycle of an employee can also be viewed and generated for appraisal and other purposes within an instant.

  1. Payroll Processing

With custom-made payroll processing softwares, it is easy to update all salary information and related data such as incentives, allowances, leaves, and other information and calculate with just a click of a button. Not for one but for thousands of employees at an instant.

  1. Leave and Attendance Management

The attendance management system is a custom-built suite that is integrated with a biometric or any other kind of physical device that captures attendance data and can generate reports on a daily to yearly basis along with custom alert functionalities making it easier to track leave and absence.

  1. Communication Systems

Communication systems are integrated across various platforms such as office email suites, message boards, reminders, mobile apps, and other such features to easily communicate across all interfaces.

  • Onboarding Systems

Onboarding of employees is a long and extensive process and requires a lot of information handling and communication across departments to successfully onboard employees, especially during large recruitment drives. With special onboarding software’s, this can be easily managed efficiently.

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