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Leadership Styles in Western Companies

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Leadership is all about motivating the employees with an example to perform a certain task and it is an important part of all types of businesses, political parties or any other group. There are different styles of leadership in different areas of the world. However, a true leader is not about having a specific area style of leadership but changing the style of leadership according to the desired situation. A leader is always capable of analyzing the situation and behave according to it.

All organizations in a specific country don’t run with the same style of working means a company working in Asia can also adopt the style of Western companies but a majority of the companies adopt or run according to the culture. A leader is successful if he adopts the company culture or style of working.


Watch Market Online is Explaining in depth Leadership Styles in Western Companies.

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In west philosophy, a true leader is one who always at the front of the group and faces the challenges first before another member of the group. A leader is responsible for motivating the employees through speeches and this type of leadership is entirely different from the styles adopted in Eastern.

Leadership first has started from the west as history shows and this is the real style of leadership that the West has adopted. Staying back and defending yourself is not the real leadership because the leader should be the source of easiness of employees in doing jobs. A leader should have some responsibilities and should be capable to face challenges.

To work in a western organization there should be a high trust between leaders and employees then they can achieve the goal effectively. In west employees like to work under a leader who believes in them and empowers them with some authority and who can show them the right direction to move on.

Leaders in Wets have a high level of bareness and tolerance levels. Due to open-door policies leader may face lots of conflicts among employees he/she should be capable to solve all these conflicts with an easy mind. Leaders with cool minds are more successful there as compare to leaders who are always in anger.

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Leadership in Western Organizational Structure

Western organization structure is different from the Asian organization structure. In western organization employees have lots of rights and empower to take some decisions but in Asian organizations, employees don’t have such types of rights. Both styles have drawbacks and advantages, we can’t say one is perfect and the other is not.

Leadership Styles in Western Companies

As employees are empowered to take decisions so leaders should know what is the skill or abilities of each individual employee in the group so a lot the task according to his or her specialization and it should be according to the vision of the company. The job of a leader in the West has been considered tougher as compared to other parts of the world.


The job of western leaders is more challenging as compared to Asian organizational Leaders. In west employees come with different ideas and feel themselves free, it’s hard for the leader there to convince them on one point that goes against his/her opinion. While in Asian Organization employees don’t have any rights to talk against the choice or decision of the leader so it’s an easy job for him.

In the west, they believe that each individual has its own right to share information, to do what he/she wants to do and can go against the group. While in East the loyalty with the group is the most important element for members of the group and the decision that a leader take should be based on all group member opinions.

The western organization leaders have a better relationship with the employees as compare to Asian organizational leaders. In western organizations, there is no distance between the employees and leaders, so the employees don’t feel any fear when they need to talk or work with leaders. In Asian organizations, there is always a distance between employees and leaders and that’s because they are not good at building the relationship between employees and leaders.

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Leadership Styles in Western Companies

The culture of the organization is the responsibility of the leader in the West. A leader is responsible for how the organization employees are behaving with each other and what is the workplace environment. A leader is responsible for shaping the behavior and morality among employees. Employees are the followers of the leader so if a leader will behave well in the organization then definitely other employees will also behave well.

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