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Glamping: A Beginner’s Guide

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What’s your idea of an ideal camping experience? Is it relaxing in tranquil surroundings? Waking up in a cozy bed to have a well-prepared breakfast? Telling stories around the campfire with your loved ones?

If you like this idea, then you should consider going glamping in Maine on your next holiday. Recently, the popularity of glamping has significantly increased, especially among families, couples, and a group of friends searching for something different from the traditional camping experience.

What’s Glamping?

Glamping, also called glamorous camping, is a form of luxury camping that offers you an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing your comfort. While glamping occurs in an outdoor destination, the tent is what differentiates camping from glamping. Most camping tents are designed with weight, space, easy setup, disassembly, and portability in mind, limiting their size. On the other hand, glamping tents have few limitations because glamping sites are either semi-permanent or permanent.

When compared to camping tents, glamping tents have ample space that allows for more luxurious furnishings. Glamping tents feature actual beds instead of camping cots, as well as furniture like tables, desks, and recliners. In addition, most glampsites come fitted with small bathrooms, kitchenettes, hot tubs, air conditioning, and other amenities to enhance your luxury camping experience.

This means that with glamping, you can forget about the fundamentals of traditional camping, like carrying big, heavy backpacks or setting up a tent. Glamping is luxury alongside the adventure and escapism of camping.

Why Glamping?

Glamping is all about getting enjoyment from a natural and relaxing experience that other types of holiday cannot provide. Unlike booking a hotel room with or without a view, when it comes to choosing the luxury camping site that suits you, there’s a broader scope. Whether you decide to stay in a hut or safari tent, you’re giving yourself and your loved ones a chance to revel in the unmatched beauty and spectacular surroundings, not to forget the breathtaking luxury the property offers and the fantastic fresh air that allows you to forget the everyday hustle and bustle.

Who Goes Glamping?

Glamping experiences are so diverse that they can appeal to almost everyone. Glamping works for families who want to enjoy the great outdoors without experiencing the hassle of camping with kids. In addition, it works for couples who need some quiet, quality time in the wild. Pets are also welcome.

What to Bring and What to Expect

On your first glamping night, ensure you got everything you require to stay warm, dry, and safe. Although most glampsites in Maine are cozy enough, you cannot guarantee how the outside will be. Thus, warm clothes, boots, and a torch are all critical.

Most glampsites allow campfires and provide fire pits and firewood, but carry your match and research about fire settings if it’s your first time. An evening around the fire telling stories while taking roasted marshmallows before heading to a cozy, comfortable bed made with clean beddings is heavenly.

Many glamping sites have cooking facilities, so bring some cooking items such as eggs and bacon for a great breakfast. Also, you will have a barbecue, which is perfect for evening cooking. Don’t forget your books, balls, games, and the like if you want to enhance your stay.

How to Pick the Right Glamping Property

When looking for a glamping site, you must narrow down your list by considering features such as:

•           Location

•           Amenities

•           Size

•           Quirkiness

•           Type of holiday

•           Length of stay

Types of Glamping

From igloos to safari tents, glamping comes in a wide range of forms and shapes. With glamping, you will find numerous options to choose from, including yurts, bell tents, treehouses, cabins, safari tents, huts, igloos, domes, and caves. You can also refer to airstream rentals, towers, barns, trailers, and cottages as glamping experiences if they are off the grid and nestled in nature.

Glamping isn’t all about going for a holiday to enjoy a comfortable outdoor life in brilliant destinations with a few of your loved ones. It gives you the best of both worlds- quenching your wanderlust but without facing any hardships related to camping. You’re under canvas but still have your cozy bed, running water, wood-burning stove, flushing toilets, and freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

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