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Binaryx Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers Convenient Tools for Working With Digital Assets

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Cryptocurrencies are the modern cash of the 21st century. They’ve been all the rage for years, but they reached their heyday at the time of the universal implementation of electronic transactions. In addition, digital assets are often viewed as a potential source of revenue. Therefore, thousands of investors are interested in digital currencies and platforms where they can be bought. Binaryx offers to use the digital asset exchange. Here you can buy, sell and exchange digital assets.


What Can You Do on a Cryptocurrency Exchange Online 

The Binaryx team represents a unique digital asset exchange. It’s a reliable service that helps to buy and sell digital assets. The following coins are available here:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ripple;
  • USDT;
  • LINK (Chainlink);
  • BNB (Binance Coin);
  • HOT (Holo);
  • OMG (OMG Network);
  • ENG (Enigma);
  • COMP (Compound);
  • UNI (Uniswap).

Whatsmore, there is an option of storing fiat money on the online Bitcoin exchange, namely the US dollar, the euro, the Russian ruble, the hryvnia, and the Chinese yuan. 

Users can recharge the balance of a cryptocurrency wallet using external wallets. Fiat can be deposited using a bank card or bank transfer. Commission for deposit is 0% (except for hryvnia – 5 UAH). 

All online Bitcoin exchange transactions are well protected. Since all data is stored on the blockchain, it is impossible to forge or edit any transaction. 

How to Work With Cryptocurrency on Binaryx Digital Asset Exchange

First, you need to register on the cryptocurrency exchange via email or social media account. Then, you need to go through the mandatory procedure of verification (KYC), add a valid bank card, and deposit funds into the account.

There are two ways to buy or sell cryptocurrency – through an exchanger or a trading terminal. 

If you choose the former option, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Find the “Quick Buy” module.
  3. Select the currency of purchase and exchange.
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Confirm the operation. 

When working with a trading terminal, the procedure looks somewhat different:

  1. Go to the trading terminal from any page.
  2. Analyze the order book.
  3. Select the currency pair you are interested in.
  4. Specify the type of order (limit or market) and enter the amount.
  5. Place an order to buy or sell.
  6. Wait for the order to close.

After that, you can credit money to a cryptocurrency wallet or keep it on a digital asset exchange to wait for an increase in the rate.

Experts note Binaryx cryptocurrency exchange as one of the most reliable. Therefore, interest in this website will continue to increase. 

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