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Great accessories for your workshop or garage

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Having a garage or workshop where you can unleash your creativity and complete DIY tasks is great, but if it is messy and unorganized you won’t be able to use it how you want. 

There are so many great accessories available that’ll enhance the performance of your garage and help to keep it organised. But if you are unsure where to begin, keep reading to find out the top picks for any garage or workshop space. 

Tool panel 

A tool panel hangs from the wall of your garage and gives you a space to store your tools. Although everything is out in the open it still looks organised and maintained, and it frees up floor space in your garage. You can store all kinds of tools on the perfo tool panel including: 

  • Hammers
  • Pliers and grippers
  • Wrenches and spanners
  • Saws and other cutting tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Chisels, files, sanding and planing tools
  • Awls and drills
  • Gauges, including tape measures, squares and levels

A  tool panel can store everything you need in an easily accessible and organised way. 

Wet and dry vacuum 

Wet-dry vacuums have very powerful lifting and suction capabilities and thus are very efficient at getting rid of both liquid and dust particles. They make a very useful addition to any garage because they’ll clean up most messes.

Most wet and dry vacuums are fitted with non-marking casters and long hoses to make them very mobile and flexible. When it comes to storing the vacuum cleaner, consider investing in a wall-mounted one to save space in your garage or workshop. 

A wrench set 

Every garage should have a good-quality wrench set as it will come in handy at some point. Having one wrench that you can rely on is fine, but it may not always be the right size for the job. By investing in a complete wrench set you can eliminate this problem. 

Wrench sets help you complete a wide variety of jobs, including removing brakes and power steering lines. You could even get a color-coded set that makes identifying the different sizes so much easier.

Overhead storage rack 

Garages can be quite tight on space, especially if people in your household use part of it for storage. A great way to free up some floor space while also creating a dedicated area for the storage of bulky items is to install an overhead storage rack. 

Most racks can be adjusted from 55 cm to 100 cm, so you can customise them to the perfect height for your garage. It’s a good idea to store essentials that your household needs, but not every day. This includes suitcases, camping gear, and Christmas decorations. 

A battery organiser 

Although this may seem like an insignificant accessory compared to the rest of the list, a battery organiser can be a lifesaver – literally. Batteries are extremely dangerous and should always be kept out of reach of children.

A battery organiser can make sure all your batteries are kept in one place and out of sight (especially in a home garage), so children and babies are not tempted to ingest them. 

Other than that, an organiser stores all your batteries so you can see what types you have and easily reach for them when you need them. This saves you time instead of frantically searching up and down the house for one to power a new tool. Some battery organisers also include a tester to find out which ones are dead so you can dispose of them or recharge them, depending on the type. 

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