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How Adopting Intranet Technology Can Benefit the Workplace?

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There is no denying the fact that technology has in total revolutionised the industry works. Starting a business in the digital age is comparatively easy than it was decades ago. However, to run a company efficiently, there are certain things that you need to focus, and that are:

  • To assure that all the employees can share information easily without any inconvenience
  • All the employees can connect in the workplace during the time of need.

Every company, whether small or big, needs to take all the necessary steps required to better the productivity and provide a seamless channel for communication. Now, this is where adopting technology can be highly beneficial. It will act as the centralised online platform where all the business-related information will be stored.

The intranet technology can provide tons of benefits to the firm, but to do that, proper knowledge of this tech is essential. Let us discuss further more about this topic.

Intranet: Definition and how it works?

An intranet is a personal network that is designed to help the employees of the company to enhance their communication, collaborate and perform their work efficiently. It is used for a variety of things. Its primary role is to help all the employees to fulfill their role in the best way possible.

Intranet comes with a set of advanced features and functionality that helps in various business-related tasks. Here are some of the most common uses of Intranet that you should know about:

To access useful information  

The first use of Intranet is that it helps in access all the valuable documents and information that employees need for their work. The availability of Intranet makes it easy to use capable software in the company like content management software and integrates it with other tools used.

The use of Intranet will provide a fast platform to share all the information without any inconvenience and hassle. Using email every time for the information is quite a time-taking and unproductive way to stay connected with all the employees.

Enhances the communication within

Another significant benefit of using Intranet is that it boosts the internal communication within the organisation. It will empower all the employees in the company to have open discussions and share knowledge and ideas without any trouble.

Also, it will help the leader, and higher officials stay connected with every member of the organisation. And, in case of any update, be it major or minor, all the employees will be informed immediately without any delay.

Helps in creating engaging content

The Intranet caters to a great platform to produce engaging content. Just imagine is it possible to create an engaging content with the help of email where the options are quite limited. It is quite logical to understand that content that looks good is more reader-friendly and engaging for the person.

With the help of Intranet, any firm will be able to generate engaging content. Instead of simple email pasting, content can be sent in different style whether it’s a blog post or any marketing related requirement. Many people would find the email content boring and dull, but this will not be a problem when you are using the Intranet. Many people would find the email content boring and dull, but this will not be a problem when you are using the Intranet.

Cultivating transparent culture

To ensure that every employee in the company is giving their best, positive and open work culture is imperative. Keeping everything hidden in the company or if the work is not being done positively, then this can affect the culture of the workplace.

According to a survey done, almost 85% of the employees hope to work in a company having a transparent culture. Thus, even if you are a small firm with limited employees, going with Intranet technology can be highly beneficial.

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What is the major difference between the Internet and the Intranet?

Now, people might get confused between the internet and Intranet. There are lots of differences between the two; here are some of the major ones that will be clear enough to understand both of them.

                 Internet                   Intranet
Is a global network that is accessible for everyone A private network that will be accessible within the organisation
Safety is a major concern Is comparatively safer
Can be used by an unlimited number of users Only a limited number of users can access it
Traffic is more Traffic is less
Contain information from multiple sources Contain information with specific sources

Thus, it is vital to understand that the internet is an open platform that all can access from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, Intranet might work under the internet platform but is accessible only to limited members of the particular group or organisation.

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