How to Grow Your Website Traffic?

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
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Every online business and blogger is looking to grow their online presence. There are a huge amount of peoples who spend a lot of money on advertisements through paid ads. But still, they cant coming to the first position in an organic search engine. We will explain here how you can grow your website traffic without spending any money but time.

Important Factors to reach your website traffic goal.

  • Spend Time
  • Spend Money

Here we will use time spending way to hook your website traffic up. Let start. We can boost our website traffic in several ways.

Social Media

Create an account on social platforms like Facebook Twitter Instagram or any you use frequently. Don’t miss the important input fields of your web page. In this field write your website name or a specific page. This link will give you a visitor and if the website is giving the do-follow link. it will increase your Domain and Page Authority. Domain and Page Authority are very important factors to come up on the first page.

Social Media Marketing.

Invite peoples to like your page and share with others. Post the links into groups where you see thousands of peoples are members of that group. Focus on the thing that peoples are looking for? and write a post on the website or blog with relevancy. Highlight the specific keyword that you want to rank and point to a specific page or name.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the first main factor to boost your website traffic. Optimize your content by using an online writing assistant like or if you are using WordPress or Joomla you should use the YOAST SEO plugin and fix the issue if any exist there. Make sure to focus on the focus keyword and add keyword synonyms in the Yoast plugin.

If your page is fully optimized and your keyword is not in competition. I assure that you will on the 1st page without creating any backlink to increase your website traffic organically.

Off-Page SEO

First part of Off-Page SEO is the second major factor to increase your website traffic through another website to give your trust by giving your do-follow backlink to refer their reader to your website or blog or a specific page. Off-Page SEO in two parts. Backlinks Builders is a platform that helping millions of blogger and businesses around the world.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most working way to get traffic from another website or blog. most of the sites offer free accounts to submit your post to publish on their blog. Look for the Write for US or submit article link at bottom of the page or in the main navigation bar. Every site has its own policy, read their policy before submitting a request.

The one unique thing is plagiarism-free content. Don’t copy and paste, always write unique content and add an eye-catching picture that attracts the reader to click on. Don’t add more than 2 or 3 links in the article. The one should be a point to a specific post on your website and 2 should point to your main website. Once your request to publish your content is approved. Sure you will get visitors from that website. take a glance on best news studio for latest news.

Comment Posting

The 2nd thing in Off-Page SEO is comment posting. search for comment posting sites. once you get one, then write comment at least 150 words and add your post or website link that interested peoples should click on.


Before guest posting or comment, posting makes sure to check the spam score. To check the spam score go to MOZ.COM and type their domain name to check or install Moz bar extension. don’t post comment or request for guest posting on spammy domains. Because search engine hats spammy domains even their contents are excellent. if you followed each step definitely you will grow your website blog or business traffic just in a few days to a few weeks. If you did not follow precaution you will put your website or blog on risk.

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