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How To Find the Right Landscape Maintenance Company

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Americans spend 32 hours a month on landscape maintenance. That’s enough to earn $384.25 at the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Landscape maintenance companies are a great investment for those who have large yards or want a specific look. Getting the results you want means doing your research to find the right one.

Inexperience, poorly written contracts, ugly job sites, and other issues cause more stress than doing the job yourself. Read on to learn how to choose the best landscape maintenance services.

Ask Friends and Family and Check Reviews

Landscaping is an everyday house chore, and many of your friends or family have likely hired a landscape maintenance company in the past. Ask them which ones they’d recommend and why.

60% of customers¬†trust reviews, and they’re helpful when making your choice. The only caveat is to make sure to check why they’re positive or negative.¬†

Check Experience and Past Work

Always check how long a company has been in business. They should have years of experience creating beautiful landscaping in your area.

Make sure they’re experienced in the type of work you need, whether it’s personal or commercial landscape maintenance. See if they have a portfolio on their website where you can see their completed projects.

If you can’t find their past work online, you may need to ask friends or family who’ve hired them. Look at their yards and see if you feel the results make the company worth hiring.

Visit a Job Site

Checking a landscape maintenance company’s current work is just as important as checking past projects. It’s not as important for quick projects like low maintenance front yard landscaping, but it’s worth it when companies offer it.

When you’re at the job site, check if it’s clean and well-maintained with everyone knowing their place in the process. This gives you a sense of how the company will work for you.

Read Their Contract and Get a Quote

Any landscaping maintenance company should give you a sample contract to read before you sign an official one. Make sure it outlines all the important areas of the process, including the materials, cost, and timeline.

The company should also be willing to adjust the details of the contract. They could push up the expected date for finishing important projects or drop the cost of quick jobs like front yard low maintenance landscaping.

Visit whenappearancematters.com to get a quote for quick, quality help with landscaping maintenance.

More Landscape Maintenance Tips

Landscape maintenance is such a time-consuming task that it could be called a part-time job. Hiring a professional reduces the stress it causes if you take the time to find the right one.

Get recommendations from family and friends and look at online reviews. Find out how experienced the company is, check their previous work, and visit a current job site. 

Always read the contract and get an accurate quote before letting anyone touch your yard. It’s the best way to avoid poor, stress-reducing results later.

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