How to Make Business Strategy Work?

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Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
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Business strategy is the blueprint of a business that puts the entire organization to work towards a common goal. It defines the approach in which a business can achieve its ultimate goal and grow. However, the challenging part is not creating a business strategy but the implementation of the strategy.

Strategy vs tactics

To understand how a strategy works, it is essential to understand the difference between strategy and tactics. A strategy is an approach to achieve a goal, tactics on the other hand is the approach to accomplish a strategy.

For instance, a business can plan to reach a revenue of $1 million a month. The strategy to reach to this goal could be acquisition, while the tactic could be to acquire start-ups operating in the same market, disintegrating market share.

How to make the business strategy work?  

Making a business strategy framework takes a lot of effort. Here are a few things businesses can do to ensure seamless execution of a business strategy.

  • Hire the right people:
    Hiring the right people for the skills that are essential to accomplish the responsibilities and achieve the goals. Track the results and performance of each employee and trust them with their responsibilities. You focus on fixing speed bumps, aligning efforts, think strategically, and developing and inspiring talent.
  • Build a conducive environment: Employee engagement is critical for the growth of a business. Therefore, employers should pay special attention to engage employees. Most employees would what’s necessary to earn their pay. So employers should work on engaging employees by giving employees opportunities to engage.
  • This wouldn’t come without effort. Meeting employees routinely to understand them better and craft engagement strategies accordingly. This will motivate employees and will give their best and are likely to stay longer in their job.

Further, don’t club all employees in one category and don’t assume that the same approach will work for each employee. Some employees seek balance in work and home, while others look for challenges and growth.

  • Prepare to change: As the saying goes, change is the only constant. Increasingly the workforce is becoming multi-generational and traditional approaches are bound to fail. Employers must strive to instill the attitude to change in employees.
    Employers should work toward fostering an innovative culture by recognizing and rewarding employees who come forward with new ideas and better methods.
  • This will further motivate employees to come up with innovative ideas. You can work to bring in new ideas and perspectives and build a culture of experimentation at work. Never punish those who innovate and fail.
  • Focus and deliver goals: With continuous hustle, it is easy to get a side track and lose focus from the goal. Businesses should hold regular meetings with individual contributors and teams to align each team member to their and organizational goal. Showing employees, the impact of their contribution and how it aligns with the business growth encourages employees.
  • This will motivate them to do their best. People strive to serve a higher purpose for their organization. If they are aligned with realistic goals, they can reach unlimited potential and achieve greater goals, especially if you let employees work in their creative ways without stress.


Business strategy is the blueprint of the operations of a business. It is also a roadmap of how the business will achieve its goals and further grow.  While a business strategy may look perfect on paper, executing it can be a nightmare. 

Companies can take the above-mentioned measures to ensure that business strategy is implemented flawlessly and goals are achieved conveniently. Often business strategists are responsible for creating such plans and executing them. In their absence, business leaders, the senior business executives can also proceed without having to pay or do anything else.

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