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How To Reactivate Your Amazon Seller Account After Suspension

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It took you months and years to build your e-commerce shop. Now due to an appalling mistake, you are on the verge of ruin. You have the right reason to worry if your Amazon seller account has been suspended or your listing has been removed. This does not happen overnight but a series of actions make Amazon deactivate your account. Reasons can be many but anyway if you see “Amazon suspended my account”, take a deep breath and do not rush. Now you are unable to sell and make money so all of your focus is on how to regain that seller account?

Reasons for being suspended at Amazon

Poor account performance

Quality of products is not up to the mark

Selling Prohibited Products

Selling fake/Scam products

Copyright law breaching

Violation of Amazon policy

Meager customer services

Fake listing information

Cheating for customer reviews

Linking external websites with your seller accounts

You can appeal reinstatement and reactive appeal and sit your fingers crossed. Since every minute counts so do not rush to push that appeal button without having a strong grip on writing a persuasive and strong appeal letter along with potentially required documents.

At this point, right Amazon POA (the plan of action) and appeal services would greatly help you to get out of this NO-Business situation right away. This piece of writing will get you through a comprehensive process of reactivating your suspended account. First of all, you must be able to make a difference among 3 types of Amazon accounts.


Cannot sell, cannot make money. Still have a chance to appeal with a strong Amazon plan of action and appeal.


You still cannot sell on Amazon and unfortunately, your appeal has been rejected or denied.


A most dreadful situation where you cannot even appeal further because your emails would not be entertained now. You are out of the game, you lost the chance to regain your account. A new account cannot be created by you.

Now what to do if your account is under suspension?

You must be in miserable condition but you need to calm down and hold onto your nerves. Do not make the mistake to rush and get your account banned permanently. Rather get your hands on reliable Amazon appeal services so that professional help can be availed.

Do not push that appeal button right away

Your Appeal must be authentic, relevant, genuinely convincing, show your intent for improvement, and state reasons to Amazon to reactivate your account or listing. For this purpose, if you hire Amazon appeal services consultants they would be of so much help because of their skills. Make a strong plan of action with the help of professionals so that you may not fall into more trouble.

Dig out the reason for suspension

You alone may not be enough to dig our accurate reasons why Amazon has deactivated your account and now your e-commerce career is on the verge of devastation. Only after fining the concerned reason you would be able to formulate an action plan to regain your Amazon seller central. Consult with Amazon attorneys and professional appeal writers, they will investigate and handle your case as quickly as possible.

Generic Plan of action does not work

No doubt, many sellers after suspension get frustrated. A quick, uninvestigated, and generic plan of action available on search engines may not work in the first place. Amazon suspends accounts on the basis of specific and account-related reasons. Your generic plan of action may not cater to the reasons why your account was held on hold. A customized and well-researched POA will work best in your favor.

Get the Amazon Appeal services

Amazon appeal services must be your first-hand support system if your account is in a problem. These consultants have their long hands in Amazon services, and they know how to crumble the cookies. Appeal services make a customized plan of action, review your account and form an email on your behalf. The chances of getting rejected by Amazon are less when your case is under professional hands.

What you must avoid doing?

Appeal submission in a rush

Sending forceful emails on a daily basis

Open a new seller account

Act unprofessionally and rude to account performance team

Contact seller support via email

Being impatient and impolite with Amazon

Ignoring your account health and performance

Denying the facts

Opening multiple accounts

Ignoring Amazon policy and violation rules

Last Words

Your seller account is one of the key milestones you’ve covered in your e-commerce journey. Do not rush to appeal and provide a few chunks of information to get your account back immediately. Rather keep patience and ask for help from the right people.

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