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How do you use Google for to search i’m feeling curious trick? This question sounds silly, isn’t it? We believe that everyone, every people that use the internet, know how to use Google. Type a keyword on the search bar hit the Enter button, and this search engine will give you the searching result. It contains a thousand and even million results that you can choose to visit. However, the people behind this search engine don’t only provide a platform to find the information or website that you need. They also make the google I’m feeling lucky button. 

i'm feeling curious

If you use the URL address bar to search, which is also the method that most people use to search on Google, you might miss this magical button. You can only find the I’m Feeling Lucky button on the front/home page of Google. Try to type Google.com on the address bar and hit the Enter button, which will bring you to the homepage of the Google search engine website. On that page, you can find this unique button. 

What Does the I’m Feeling Lucky Do?

This button is a way for the Google developer to have fun and give its users a way to spend time and relax while tiring to search what they need on Google. And, when you click this button, you will be brought to the Google Doodle homepage. On that page, you will find a list of all Google Doodle that was and are going to use in the future, to commemorate the special event in the world. 

For your information, the I’m Feeling Lucky button is one of many Easter eggs that Google has. You can find many others that can keep you occupied for hours if you don’t have anything to do. How to find them? In the past, you can move and stop your mouse pointer on top of the I’m Feeling Lucky button. And, it will change into something else, such as I’m Feeling Stellar, I’m Feeling Hungry, and many more.

Each of the buttons or these Easter eggs offers a unique result that you will get after you clicked it. For example, the I’m Feeling Stellar button will take you to Google Earth, where you can see the model of planet Earth. In the past, this button would bring you to the nebula and Orion space map. 

On the other hand, I’m Feeling Hungry will give you recommendations for the best restaurant you can visit within the place where you live. So, if you are hungry and need a place where you can satisfy your palate, this is the button that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, this unique feature has been removed by Google. Even if you move your mouse pointer on the I’m Feeling Lucky button, it won’t change into another button. It is too bad, but we can’t do anything about that. Instead, we can use the new Easter egg by Google. You can use it by typing a specific keyword on its search bar and hit the Enter button.

The I’m Feeling Curious Easter Egg

The I’m Feeling Curious phrase is a unique way presented by Google for you who want to know something. The information or knowledge you can find using this phrase is various, from technology to history. And, you won’t be able to guess what kind of information or knowledge you can get from this feature. We can call it the most interesting I’m feeling curious fun facts.

How to Use the I’m Feeling Curious Phrase

Simply type it on the search bar. Then, hit the Enter button. Google will bring you to the usual search result page. However, in the top area, you will see a box that contains random information and knowledge you can read and learn.

This surprising feature gives this Easter egg more than just a way to entertain ourselves for hours with Google search engine. It also is useful to add more knowledge that will be useful in the future.

The best part of this feature is you also can find the source of that information or knowledge. It is written right under the box where you can read the text about that random information. Plus, it is available in a link form. So, you can click it, if you plan to visit the page where that

information came from and learn more there. No need to worry. Most of the websites that Google used to provide the knowledge in the I’m Feeling Curious feature is a top and reliable website. So, you can find more there and use it as the best reference.

Unfortunately, the knowledge you will get is random. You can’t decide what kind of information you want to get. Put your faith in Google and maybe you will get the most useful information using this I am feeling curious, I’m curious feature.

Google still has a big heart by providing an extra button on the I’m Feeling Curious box where you can ask another question. This big blue box with Ask Another Question written on it is your key to get extra and different information. Click it to get new information.

The Extra Tool of I’m Feeling Curious Feature

Once you get the information that you need or having fun with the random knowledge, do not leave the page yet. This feature still has another fun thing you can try. Its location is hidden. Here we are going to tell you where to find this I’s feeling curious google extra feature. The location is right under the Ask Another Question blue button.

the button that you are looking for is the arrow pointed downward button. Click it to reveal two categories of tools that you can use. They are the Games & Toys category and the other one is the Tools category. Here are several tools you can get from each category.

Games & Toys – it is mostly game related tool. In short, you can play the game in this category.  

  • Solitaire
  • Animal Sound
  • Minesweeper
  • Tic tic toe
  • Spin a dreidel
  • Snake
  • Earth Day quiz

As for the Tools category, it has many online tools for your daily fun dosage, such as:

  • Spinner,
  • Roll a die
  • Color picker
  • Metronome,
  • Calculator,
  • Meditate
  • Flip a Coin.

Now, you have so many tools to use to cure your boredom. Use them whenever you want to have a short break from your effort to learn something new with the I’m Feeling Curious feature

The Fun Fact Easter Egg

Here, we also have another funny Easter Egg that is related to your effort with the I’m feeling curious to learn something new. It is called the Fun Fact phrase. You use it similar to the I’m Feeling Curious phrase. Type the Fun Fact phrase on it and hit the Enter button or click the magnifying glass icon on the right side. And, guess what, you will also find the same box with random information or knowledge on it.

Yes, the Fun Fact phrase is the alternative to the I’m Feeling Curious trick. If you are too lazy to type “I’m Feeling Curious” and are looking for the shorter-phrase that doesn’t require too much energy and time to type, the Fun Fact phrase is the answer.

Other Google Easter Eggs

As we all know, I’m feeling curious funny is one of many Google Easter eggs that you can use. Now, are you also wanted to know about the other trick you can use on the Google search page? Here is some of the phrase or code you can type and search to find out about its effect or the result you will get.

  • Do a barrel roll – when you type this and hit the Enter button, your screen will swirl around.
  • The answer to life the universe and everything – It is a phrase from Douglas Adams’s book entitled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When you type this phrase and hit the Enter button, it will bring up a calculator with 42 numbers typed on it.
  • Zerg Rush – you will turn your screen into a platform to play the Zerg Rush game.

Those three are only small parts of many Google Easter eggs that you can use. If you want to know more, you can search for yourself. Guaranteed, you won’t feel disappointed. And, many of those Easter eggs also give you the unique experience of using the Google search engine.


Now, you know what kind of fun thing you can do on the Google search engine page. Use the I’m Feeling Curious or other Easter eggs that we have mentioned above. Just remember to do it in your spare time. If you do it at the time when you are busy with your job or when you should concentrate on your study, it could only give you problem. So, whenever you feel the I’m feeling it vibe, open Google.com and type it. You will get many interesting things from it.

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