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Why Softphones Reign Supreme over Desk Phones for Businesses

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Are you looking for Softphones Reign Supreme over Desk Phones for Businesses? then check out this post. Do you know what’s so hard about using desk phones? A lot.

oftphones Reign Supreme over Desk Phones for Businesses
Softphones Reign Supreme over Desk Phones for Businesses

No wonder a lot of people and businesses are getting rid of them already. Think of them as a remnant from the past – it’s like getting all sentimental when you see a phone booth out of nowhere.

We’re here to tell you, desk phones are going in the same direction. While they have been useful in the past decade, they have been replaced by smarter and more sophisticated technology that is not to mention, a lot cheaper.

That’s why a lot of businesses are using VoIP now, along with virtual phone numbers such as those provided by Telnum. This article would be dedicated to informing you why choosing softphones is the smarter choice.

A quick overview of softphones

Do you know how you can easily get the software of your choice on your computer? It’s practically the same thing through softphones. While the software is designed to perform a function or a specific set of functions traditionally done without the aid of technology, a softphone lets you do what you normally can perform with your normal phone.

But instead of using an actual phone to do it, you’re going to use your computer or laptop. As technology progressed, the usability of softphones has extended beyond your computer. Now, you can also have a softphone on your smartphone. Only this time, they’re called apps.

Most of the time, softphone providers such as Skype and other more business-oriented companies will have softphones compatible with either device in order to maximize accessibility.

Why you should ditch the desk phone for a softphone

New doesn’t always mean better. But in this case, it is. Here are the reasons why a softphone has a great competitive edge against desk phones.

You don’t have to give up your privacy

Let’s face it. In this day and age, it’s so easy to make yourself accessible to people if you want to. But the question is, at what cost?

Imagine giving your personal number just on the off chance that a customer will buy a $50 service or product from you instead of your competition. Your privacy is definitely worth more than that.

Instead of giving out your personal number to everyone who would request them from you, you can still give out your work number and remain just accessible.

Because you are able to get the softphone straight on your smartphone, you are able to take work calls just as easy as you would a personal call – only that you wouldn’t have lots of unwanted calls clogging your personal number.

No need to buy any equipment to get started

No matter how durable a desk phone is supposed to be, it’s likely to give out sooner or later. Now, would it be right to buy another one? That would just be increasing your overhead costs.

Through softphones, you can use devices that you’re already using. If you’re concerned about incurring additional costs with going the VoIP route or any other internet communication of your preference, that’s not going to be a problem with softphones. Just install the software provided, and you’re ready to go.

Always have your work phone within an arm’s reach

If you’re always meeting clients, then you’d probably be rarely by your desk. That would leave no one to take your calls unless you hire a personal secretary.

While secretaries are essential in keeping you on schedule and helping you with paperwork, it’s not a smart decision to hire them just to answer calls. Even with the best of the best, there’d still be some time between receiving the message and sending it over to you. What if it’s an emergency?

Softphones allow you to be as if you’re just by your desk even if you’re time zones away from your office. That way, you don’t miss any important call and you can respond immediately.

Zero waste

Nowadays, green is great. And given little to no price difference, customers will always choose businesses that are making a conscious effort to reduce their waste.

Although this move alone isn’t enough to make your business completely green, it can be part of a series of efforts designed to make you more friendly to mother nature.

It’s cheaper

Apart from not having to buy anything to get started, you also enjoy additional features like seeing how many calls are on queue and automatically transcribing voicemails. Most providers also give features not normally accessible with a desk phone as part of the package.

This would allow you to prioritize high-yielding calls like when you’re about to close a deal as well as read voicemails on the go instead of listening to it when you’re about to end your day.

Desk phones? They’re a thing of the past. If your business is already switching to internet communication, stick with softphones. It’s cheaper, more effective, and more environmentally friendly than its antiquated counterpart.

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