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MSI MPG Velox 100R Chassis Overview

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Ava Gardner
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Survey Andy crawl to city on the MSI MPG Velox 100R chassis within the video above.

Key time stamps:

00: 33 – Specs

02: 36 – Benchmarks

08: 45 – Capabilities and Produce Quality

28: 35 – Conclusion

MSI has been within the PC component industry as lengthy as we’ll most likely be wide awake, and even supposing it’s been making motherboards since being formed in 1986 and graphics playing cards since 1997, it’s peaceable a relative newcomer to a lot of the markets.

This day we’re taking a stare at one amongst essentially the most contemporary conditions, the MPG Velox 100R, because of be launched in unhurried October/early November, along with a more performance-focused 100P Airflow model.

The case stands at 490mm x 474mm x 231mm (HxDxW) so pretty mid-sized for a mid-tower. It has tempered glass front and side panels, even supposing a small bit on the skinny side at 3mm, and springs with four 120mm ARGB PWM fans and an ARGB LED strip working down the side of the PSU screen. The beget is a small bit uninspired and appears to be just like the same to the a lot of windowed RGB conditions within the marketplace today, but it’s also inoffensive and would take a seat effectively in many setups.

The full RGB within the case comes connected to a minute, easy LED controller within the lend a hand of the motherboard, which will most likely be managed thru a button on the front I/O, or connected to your motherboard by potential of a 3-pin 5v ARGB header, to enable administration thru your motherboard tool. The front I/O also has vitality, reset, 2x USB 3.0 Form-A and a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Form-C (10Gbps) even supposing these are spread down the ethical side of the case, so indispensable so as that the USB-C port is halfway down and will cause accumulate admission to components depending upon the put you case is situated.

The case unfortunately suffers from some fabricate quality components. The metal is stunning skinny at 0.7-0.8mm for essentially the most segment, made your entire more flimsy by most panels having any spare dwelling ventilated. Even ones that don’t want it take care of the tip of the PSU screen are heavily ventilated, no topic essentially the most easy ventilation within the underside of the case being without extend below the PSU. The PSU screen has a window so that you just can blow their possess horns your provide, but it’s partially blocked by the unlit border of the window and is also very minute and will most likely slit back off most ATX PSU badges.

MSI affords a vertical GPU mount which is fortunately made of thicker metal and presents wide improve to the GPU, with out a noticeable sag. But from there issues elevate a flip for the more serious. No longer one amongst the six standoff placements fit my Corsair PCI-e riser and set up changed into as soon as an true headache. The bracket can’t be installed with the motherboard in plot because of bumps on the PCI bracket tabs that slot into the motherboard tray, nor are you able to put in the GPU with the bracket in plot, as two of the screws to receive the GPU in plot are below the rear fan, too conclude to spend a screwdriver.

Thumbscrews would work, but aren’t offered, so that it’s most sensible to connected the GPU to the vertical mount first, which then blocks the underside of the motherboard and accumulate admission to to HD audio, USB, fan headers, and a lot others.

On the lend a hand issues toughen a small bit, on yarn of cable administration is effectively-catered-for with the beget of the case. There’s 25mm of depth to play with and 24 cable-tie components spread ethical all the plot thru the motherboard tray, so all cables, no topic their course, will most likely be neatly tucked in. It’s appropriate a disgrace MSI most productive come up with two Velcro straps and five cable ties.

You wish them tied down tight, too, because the rear panel is most productive secured to the case on the front and rear edge. I believed it’d be a moderately a area initially, nothing to receive doable cable bulge, but in prepare it genuinely works moderately effectively. The front slotting in first and acting nearly take care of a hinge to swing the door closed and preserve it with one hand and securing the self-conserving thumbscrews with the replacement. Certain, the panel does bulge away a small bit, but with careful cable administration it’s no longer sinful in any appreciate and a lot more uncomplicated than combating with the archaic form of lend a hand-panel fastenings.

For storage there’s a pair of two.5in drive sleds within the lend a hand of the motherboard that put on rubber grommets to quell any vibrations from archaic HDDs. The three.5in bay below the PSU screen doesn’t fare so effectively even supposing. The metal body is paper-skinny and would with out complications be broken when spirited it about, because it will also be moved between two various positions, but there’s most productive 30mm distinction between them. It will most productive fit one drive sled, with a 2d drive having to be connected allege to the tip of the cage, no topic there being ample peak for a two-sled cage. The sled is a made of low-model plastic with out a vibration dampening offered anyplace. It is no longer lower than tool-much less, but I would imply employing a screwdriver to raise away the cage fully and accumulate rid of it, freeing up room for excess vitality cables, as there’s treasured room anyplace else.

The fans talked about earlier a on the total low-model, too, with the vibration dampening on the corners being foam, no longer rubber, and already permanently imprinted from the fan mounts. They are restful at corpulent walk even supposing, with the total case coming out at 34.1dB in stock fan formation. That stock fan formation of getting the front three intakes connected to the inaugurate air of the chassis rails changed into as soon as the worst performing even supposing. Simply spirited to the lend a hand of the fan mounts and away from the glass front diminished CPU temps by 2.4°C and GPU by 1.6°C. Shifting two fans to the side consumption and adding the third as one other spend within the roof (bit-tech stalwarts would possibly well even per chance be wide awake that formation effectively) proved even greater, reducing temps by 2.9°C and 1.8°C, respectively.

The right kicker is the price. With the looks to be and feels of myriad glass-panelled RGB conditions from the likes of GameMax, Aerocool, Deepcool, and a lot others., which sell for £45-£70, MSI desire to model £130. That’s no longer a typo, MSI genuinely want to model you double for what I genuinely feel is a £65 case. Even with the inclusion of the vertical GPU mount, model would possibly well even per chance be pushed as a lot as £75. MSI hasn’t been within the case sport lengthy ample to demand that beget of top rate, in particular with fabricate quality that isn’t distinctive.


•Appropriate kind cooling doable

•Stout complement of restful fans offered

•Versatile mounting for fans and rads

•Included vertical GPU mount


•Fan setup out of field is sub-optimum

•Materials archaic are skinny and low-model-feeling

•3.5in drive cage and vertical GPU mount poorly implemented

•Excessive model top rate

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