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Snoop Dogg is ‘pure comedy’ mispronouncing names on the Golden Globes

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What enact Snoop Dogg and John Travolta bear in traditional? They each and each know guidelines on how to make a selection the highlight at an awards ceremony.

The “Gin and Juice” rapper, 50, made a hilarious shock cameo on Monday when he offered the nominations for the 2022 Golden Globes.

As Snoop used to be reading off the names, he made about a blunders, paying homage to Travolta’s unpleasant mishap on the 2014 Oscars, when it came to pronouncing the celebs’ names.

When he announced Ben Affleck’s name for Most attention-grabbing Supporting Actor nominee for his drama “The At ease Bar,” the Long Seashore native called him “Been Afflay.”

“My fault, sorry, Ben Affleck, sorry for that Ben!” Snoop presently acknowledged after his miniature gaffe.

When announcing “Belfast” neatly-known particular person Ciarán Hinds’ nod in the linked category, Snoop acknowledged “Ca-ron, no sorry, Karen Hinds, work with me now!”

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck earned a nomination for Most attention-grabbing Supporting Actor for his feature in the drama, “The At ease Bar.”

The man formerly identified as Snoop Lion continually identified as “Dune” director Denis Villeneuve, “Dennis Villain Uawver,” right by the reading for the Most attention-grabbing Director, Movement Characterize category.

Despite the sizzling controversies surrounding next 300 and sixty five days’s Golden Globes, followers tuned in and were surprised to gaze Hear in on-show shroud. Clearly, a pop custom moment corresponding to here’s not without viewers taking to social media to roll out the memes for him.

“Environment my ringtone to Snoop Dogg announcing “Ben Affleck” #GoldenGlobes,” one fan joked on Twitter.

“i’m crying at snoop dogg turning denis villeneuve into a total latino,” one wrote. One more added, “The manner snoop dogg acknowledged Denis Villeneuve will continuously grasp-out me.”

One particular person tweeted, “Snoop Dogg announcing Ben-a-fleck lives rent-free in my solutions now.”

“Snoop Dogg painstakingly mispronouncing the name of every and each nominee on the #GoldenGlobes, even Ben Affleck, is verging on efficiency art,” added a viewer.

One more particular person quipped, “Losing my solutions over Snoop Dogg mispronouncing nearly every name on the list, but most attention-grabbing stopping to direct feel sorry about to Ben Affleck.”

“Me: I will be ignoring The Golden Globes (again) this 300 and sixty five days Additionally me: They received Snoop Dogg to remark the nominations?! I should scrutinize this!” one fan gleefully acknowledged.

A fan tweeted, “Sorry, the Golden Globes barely exist this 300 and sixty five days, but Snoop Dogg reading the nominations is pure comedy. Dennis Villenueva is my fresh popular director.”

“if snoop dogg hosts the golden globes,” one other particular person acknowledged. “I wont be mad.”

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