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The Undeniable Benefits of Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

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“Is using drones in my real estate marketing required to stay competitive?”

Yes, it is!

Drone photography is quickly evolving to be the next “must-have” real estate marketing tool. New developments and technologies are constantly being produced across the drone industry. Many of these are to serve the real estate market. The aerial drones are used to take photos of real estate listings. The listings include apartments, hotels, residential homes, land, and commercial properti

Read on to learn more about drones in real estate marketing.

What Is Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography?

A drone is a remote-controlled aircraft with the pilot on the ground. Aerial drones have cameras that take pictures and videos of properties from above. This gives a 360 view of the property, allowing realtors to showcase properties on sale more effectively.

Benefits of Drones in Real Estate Marketing

Aerial drones utilized in real estate photography have shown to be essential in recent years. Here’s why you should use this smart marketing technique:

Show a Location Better

Aerial drones help to capture the entirety of a property’s layout. As a result, clients can view the location of a property with respect to nearby amenities, attractions, roads, and airports. Your buyers will know exactly what they are getting, and this can boost your credibility.

Showcase More Property Features

Utilizing aerial drones helps capture significant and attractive aspects of a house. These generally can’t be obtained through ground photography. Whether the house possesses a swimming pool, spacious backyard, or a beautiful view of the surroundings, aerial drones can easily highlight these features.s.

Help Save Money

Usually, the introduction of new technologies like drones and 3D capturing systems usually comes with hefty price tags levied on them. However, drones – particularly those assigned to real estate marketing – have been demonstrated to reduce the cost of video production.

These drones shoot high-definition videos and refined-quality photos. And they do this while saving effort, time, and cost.

Provide Better Virtual Tours

If you own a large property, aerial drones with 360-degree filming capability can help capture perspectives of the property’s interior with unique shots. Combined with an expert soundtrack or voice-over, these virtual tours can become stunning visual stories that can help sell real estate fast.

Help Stand Out From Competition

The resourcefulness of aerial photography and visual content has sparked the interest and attention of many customers in the housing market. This is because the aerial drones help highlight many aspects of listings that ground photography could not achieve. As a result, realtors use this to draw in more clients and stand out from their competition.

Offer Dynamic Visuals

Another benefit that aerial drones offer in the housing market is their capability to accumulate artistic and compelling visual content in a single flight. Their swift aerial movements allow them to capture better-detailed images and footage from all angles.

A good example is the DJI Mini 2 from DrDrone, which captures 4K UHD videos and offers easy-to-use recording and editing tools that you’ll love. The drone also features top speeds and a large battery to help make the filming process more efficient.

Help Grow Businesses Faster

Real estate brokers are becoming more popular on social media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Thus, capturing exceptional aerial drone pictures is a guaranteed way to draw customer attention. This is especially true in the current online housing market.

In addition, clients can re-post the stunning content you create and share on social media. As a result, you’ll be able to engage with more potential clients hence growing your business.

Choosing the Best Drone For Real Estate Marketing

If you’ve decided to try aerial drones in your real estate marketing techniques, you might be wondering, “What’s the ideal drone for the task?” Let’s discuss some essential factors to consider when looking for the perfect aerial drone.

Camera Quality

Camera quality is a vital factor to consider when looking for a real estate photography drone. Choose high-end aerial drones that feature 4K cameras with telephoto zoom capabilities. These will offer high-quality photos and videos for your property marketing. Low-end drones may be economical to buy, but will shoot low-quality videos.

Battery Life

Aerial drones with large batteries help enhance efficiency and maximize your time when working on a property shoot. In addition, some drones feature extra batteries, which you can replace in between shots to save time that would have otherwise been wasted recharging.


A camera gimbal is the piece of equipment used to stabilize the camera when flying. This prevents undesired shaking in the footage. Camera gimbals are important when capturing dynamic videos that highlight your property from all angles. Choose a lightweight gimbal that is compatible with a range of cameras.

Drone Flying Range

Drone flying range refers to the distance a drone can fly away from the controller without losing connection. You are required to choose a drone with a large flying range to achieve stunning visual shots.

This is especially necessary when shooting large estates. High-end drones can have larger ranges of about 2.5-4.5 miles, while mid-level real estate drones typically have a range of 0.25-1.5 miles.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Intelligent flight modes such as auto-return, object tracking, and assisted photography modes improve the handling experience. It also enhances the visual experience of properties. Moreover, finding a drone with these flight features helps new pilots get accustomed to drone flying.

Start Utilizing Aerial Drones for Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is an industry where artistry and leveraging a property’s unique charm will help gain buyers faster. In fact, many realtors may aim to ensure that they can highlight their properties in the best way possible.

Are you trying to entirely highlight properties and their surrounding in a way ground cameras can’t? Or are you seeking to modernize your business to meet the changing demands of the housing market? If yes, drone photography is most suitable for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about new technology trends, check out more of our blog posts.

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