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Top Tips to Use Instagram for the Success of Your New Business

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Millions of people use Instagram all over the world. The social network is ideal for remaining in touch
with friends and family. On the other hand, it also acts as a great marketing platform for businesses. It
comes with many features that aid businesses in reaching out to prospective clients. Not only that, but
you can smartly use its features to generate more leads, sell more products, and improve brand
reputation in the market. With a reliable network connection such as Spectrum internet, you can also
analyze marketing campaigns in real-time over Instagram. Following are some very helpful tips to use
Instagram effectively. They can prove to be quite useful for new and small businesses.

Upload Stories Regularly
The stories feature of Instagram can help you connect with your existing as well as prospective
customers and followers. With “stories”, you can not only upload pictures but videos as well. Make sure
to share any news, product update, or upcoming events in the “stories” with your followers. Similar to
Snapchat will stay visible for 24 hours only. After this, they will disappear. You can add stickers,
emojis, and other visual effects to make them seem even more appealing. 

Use HD Images Only
They say that the first impression is the last. Today’s internet users draw opinions regarding brands
upon their very first interaction. As Instagram is mostly about show-and-tell, it is important to upload
graphical assets in HD quality only. Blurred or pixelated images will prove to be a major letdown for
visitors. As a result, they may not want to return to your Instagram page. And if the quality of graphical
assets is too bad, they may even put up a post ridiculing your business. Therefore, make sure to create
aesthetically appealing and high-res images and videos. Once they are ready, upload them to get a good
response from the viewers.

Understand How Reels Work
Instagram Reels is a recent feature from Instagram. You can create short marketing videos and they will
show up in “Reels”. The result is an appealing 15-second video that will carry a powerful marketing
message. This feature is similar to that of TikTok. In just a short amount of time, you’ll be able to win a

Go Live Once in a While

The “Live” feature of Instagram is very useful for new and small businesses. Once in a while, you should
go live and have an engaging interactive session with your followers. Before going live, invite your
viewers to ask you questions regarding your brand. You can also tell them about an upcoming service or
product. You must connect with them at a personal level.

Team Up with Influencers
One powerful way to grow the number of followers on your Instagram handle is to develop strategic ties
with Instagram influencers. Ask them to share your page on their Instagram profile. This will help you
get followers as well as potential customers. You can even do a collab giveaway to gain more visibility.
Apart from this, you can also send your products over to various influencers and request them to post
positive reviews.

Use Hashtags Intelligently
Hashtags are another powerful feature of Instagram. You can always see the trending hashtags by using
analytics software. Try to use the ones relevant to your business in the captions of your posts. As a
result, people searching for a particular hashtag will also be able to see your post. If it is good enough,
you may be able to land a prospective customer. Make sure to write elaborate captions too. They can
easily capture the attention of a prospective customer.

Run Ad Campaigns
You can also run ad campaigns on Instagram. By using the Facebook business manager, you can simply
customize a campaign for Instagram. Begin by selecting an agenda for the campaign such as betterment
engagement or more followers. You can also select a target audience from the geographical regions of
your choice. Apart from this, you can also select the gender and interests of the target audience. 

These are some of the best tricks for newbies using Instagram to promote their business. There are
many other important tips too but these will help you get started.

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