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What Are the Benefits of Forming a Nonprofit Company in 2021?

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If you’re thinking about starting a nonprofit, then there’s no better time than the present. If you took the nonprofit sector and turned it into a country, it’d be the 16th largest country in the world. 

You might be wondering what the benefits of forming a nonprofit company are. This article will take a look at the numerous benefits of forming a nonprofit. Read on to explore these benefits and watch your nonprofit succeed in no time. 

The Difference Between a Nonprofit and Charity

A nonprofit organization can combine many different business models and is more of an umbrella term. In order to be seen as a nonprofit, you must not have profit go to anything else other than your organization. 

You must also be self-governing and can use different tools to help you such as the best causewire. Lastly, you have to a be private organization and not be part of the government. 

While charities can fall under nonprofits, their sole purpose is to benefit or aid the public. Keep in mind that not every nonprofit is tax-exempt. 


  • Raise awareness
  • Connect people with their community
  • Educate donors
  • Fundraise money
  • Identify public needs

1. Tax-Exempt

As a nonprofit, you can apply for state and federal tax-exempt status. It’s normally easier for a business entity to receive IRS approval. 

2. Professional Agent

If you’re an LLC or corporation you’ll need to have a registered agent. Registered agents will provide nonprofit management in order to make sure that you’re protected in case you’re ever sued. 

3. Help Others

Starting a nonprofit business will mean that you’re helping others instead of a for-profit business. This can mean that you’re helping families live better lives whether that’s through soup kitchens, helping them to find a job, etc. You can use your education and experience to help others. 

4. Building Your Legacy

After you create a nonprofit, it can leave a positive impact on your name. Some even view this as superior to having a for-profit business. 

5. Grants

Many governments and foundations only allow their grants to go to public charities. Due to this, you might qualify for grants in addition to being tax-exempt. 

Hybrid Models

Some businesses start a hybrid model where they have a nonprofit section of their company. Some examples of for-profit companies are The Body Shop, Chipotle, etc. 

Potential Cons

Keep in mind that even though you’re in charge of the nonprofit, you’ll still need to abide by the different rules and regulations. Some states will require you to have multiple directors who choose the officers that’ll determine your policies. 

Also, as a nonprofit, that means that your profits will be open to the public. They can receive copies of your federal and state filings. 

Starting a nonprofit isn’t free and it’ll take plenty of your time as well. In order to receive tax exemption and incorporation, you’ll need to pay fees. You might also need to work with consultants, attorneys, or accountants. 

The Top Nonprofit Ideas for 2021

Due to climate change, many are interested in saving the earth, its animals, and forests. While many are starting to be more interested in green living, there’s still much to be done. You can start a nonprofit to advocate for the earth and inspire others to make changes. 

Another one of the best nonprofits to start in 2021 is saving animals from going extinct. Start a nonprofit to help advocate for the preservation and protection of different endangered animals. 

If you have a soft spot in your heart for the disabled, you can help inspire them. Many face abuse and hardship and you can help by defending their rights. 

Another great option is to take in a stray, abandoned, abused, or unwanted animal. After this, you can work to find them a caring home that they deserve. Many of these services will do a home visit before they agree to allow the family to adopt the animal. 

Should I Start a Nonprofit?

If you mainly want to make changes in society then a nonprofit might be right for you. There are different types of nonprofits including nonprofit corporations, informal nonprofits, and charitable nonprofits. 

Informal nonprofits are where it’s normally a short-term project where people gather. Whether it’s raising funds for an event or cleaning up the area. 

Before you begin, determine the need of the nonprofit you’re thinking to start. Also, think about why you want to start a nonprofit. Think about the different challenges that people or animals face in your area. 

Next, you’ll want to choose a name for your nonprofit and state who you’ll be helping. You’ll want to come up with a mission statement as well. 

Find the problems that you’re going to fix, and come up with the solutions to the problems. Make sure that the name that you choose for your nonprofit is clear and easy to remember. You’ll want the name of the company to align with what you stand for. 

Exploring the Benefits of Forming a Nonprofit Company

Now that you’ve explored this guide on the benefits of forming a nonprofit company, it should give you a better idea if starting one is right for you. Take your time exploring different nonprofits in your area and see how you can make a positive impact as well.

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