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4 Tips for a Greener Lawn

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Did you know that a healthy lawn area of 25 square feet can provide enough oxygen for an adult person for one day? There are environmental benefits to your greener lawn; it’s not just for aesthetic purposes. 

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you take good care of your lawn, so it’s healthy and green. What are some easy ways you can do this? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Pest Control Is Crucial

You don’t need to use an inordinate amount of pesticides or insecticides to protect a small lawn. You will need some kind of pest control mechanism to ensure that pests don’t overrun your healthy lawn and kill it. If you don’t want to harm the environment, then choose a natural option and use it sparingly, only when you think your lawn needs some pest control. 

Feeling like you can’t control the pest infestation on your own? Then contact a pest control service like Holmes Lawn & Pest to help you out. They can offer you many options to choose from. 

2. Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

One mistake enthusiastic lawn owners make frequently is overwatering their lawn. The problem with this is that it can water log your lawn so that it’s unable to get any important nutrients from the soil. It can also result in rotten grass over time. 

You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on water bills over the year. That’s why water your lawn once a day and if you notice that the soil is still damp from watering it last time, then refrain from watering it again.

3. Maybe It’s Nitrogen Your Lawn’s Missing

If your grass is light green and not that bright healthy green you desire, it might be a nitrogen deficiency. The soil in your lawn, just like your own body, can get depleted of nutrients over time.

If you have never given it some extra nutrients or food, then this might be the time to do that. There are lots of great natural products on the market to try out. 

4. Remove Debris From Your Lawn ASAP

Your grass needs unencumbered and unfettered access to the sun’s rays to perform photosynthesis and grow healthy and strong. But when debris covers it, this photosynthesis process is halted and can result in stunted, yellow, and dying grass. 

As soon as you see that your lawn is getting run over by leaves, garbage, or some other debris, remove it immediately. Take the time to do this every day or every other day, and you should have a healthy lawn in no time. 

You Can Have a Greener Lawn, Too

Don’t get sad when you see other people with healthy lawns. You can have a healthier and greener lawn as well. Just follow the tips laid out above consistently and over time, you will notice your lawn turning green and beautiful. 

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