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Backyard Design: 4 Ways to Create Indoor Outdoor Flow

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Did you know that homeowners have been spending more time in their backyards over the past couple of years? The average person spends 14 hours outside per week, which is an increase of 3 hours from previous years. This trend of hanging out in the backyard has been gaining momentum. 

Do you want to spend more time outside, but don’t have a good indoor-outdoor flow from your house to your yard? If you’ve been dreaming of creating a backyard design that works, check out these top four tips on how to design your backyard right. 

1. Add Indoor Elements to the Outdoors

One of the top backyard design ideas is to add indoor elements to the outdoors. Incorporate pieces like side tables, rugs, and patio furniture to improve the indoor-outdoor flow. By creating an outdoor “room” the transition from indoors to outdoors will be seamless. 

2. Set the Mood With Lighting

Another key outdoor space design tip is setting the mood with lighting. Create a relaxed vibe by using soft indirect light from lanterns, votives, and landscape lighting. Use fairy lights above, and spotlight pieces of art or ornamental trees in the garden for a dramatic look. 

3. Create Flow With Colors

Make an easy transition from the indoors to the outside by using matching or complementary paint colors. If you pick colors from the same family or tone, it will provide visual continuity. You can also do this by using the same colored materials and textures on flooring, too. 

4. Find Fabulous Flooring

Speaking of floors, the right flooring can make or break any home design. Coordinate your outdoor decking with your interior flooring and it will help bridge the two spaces. Even if you can’t match the two floors exactly, you can choose ones that play well together and link the areas. 

Bonus Backyard Design Tips

Finally, if you really want to highlight your outdoor space, consider adding a structural element. Patio covers like canopies, pergolas, and arbors can become a unifying feature. 

Get Professional Help

When creating your new space, don’t forget about backyard landscape design. A good garden design can create additional spaces through the careful placement of trees, flowering plants, and water features. If you are concerned about picking the right plants, mulch, and other natural elements, get help from a professional lawn care company like the ones at Heartlandturf.com online. 

Create a Fun and Functional Design

Now that you’ve learned the top backyard design tips, you can be proactive and try some on your own. And once you’ve put in your backyard design, be sure to maintain it so that it looks its best year-round. If you don’t have the time for regular upkeep, you may want to consider getting professional lawn care to help keep it looking beautiful. 

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