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6 of the Most Popular Games You Can Play Right Now

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Since the pandemic began, most people have been spending a lot more time at home. With so much time being spent indoors, it should not surprise you to learn that online video games are more popular than ever before. Not only do games occupy your time and keep you entertained, but some are very educational. If you are interested in playing video games but want to learn what’s popular with gamers currently, then this post’s got you covered.

Here are six of the most popular games you can play right now:


FFXIV or Final Fantasy 14 is one of the internet’s most popular games. It is also one of the most recent installments in the Final Fantasy series, which is without a doubt gaming’s most famous and longest-running series. FFXIV is mostly online and has a variety of different online servers. If you plan on playing, you should consider trying out different international servers. Some of the best are hosted in America. If you aren’t in America, then you can start using a reliable VPN for FFXIV to change your location. In addition to changing your location to wherever you set it, VPNs also increase your online anonymity, ensuring that your information is protected. Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription-based service, like World of Warcraft. You cannot play the game for free, which is something that you need to bear in mind.


Fortnite is another of the gaming world’s most popular games, especially with the younger demographic. Fortnite’s cartoonish graphics don’t detract from the game’s intensity and enjoyment factor; some adults do still play it. If you are going to play Fortnite, then it’s a good idea to invest in a season pass. The season pass will grant you access to a few special skins and other features. Fortnite is free-to-play, but you will have to have access to PSN’s online servers, or Xbox’s online servers before you can get involved. Fortnite can be a very hard game to master, so make sure that you practice.


Minecraft is another game that’s insanely popular with young people. It was traditionally played exclusively on the computer, but it can now be downloaded and played on one’s phone or console. Minecraft isn’t free to play, although you can download the classic/demo version, which allows you to play for free but doesn’t grant you access to the game’s latest features. If you are going to play Minecraft, then it’s a good idea to do some research and look at some famous creations, and then see if you can match them. Minecraft regularly holds contests grading the creations of its players.


CS:GO or Counterstrike Global Offensive is one of the internet’s oldest shoot ‘em up games. It shot to popularity in the mid to late 2000s and has remained popular ever since. The game is played online. If you are interested in participating, then there are numerous clans and groups that you can join and learn with. Many of the game’s players take it very seriously; it has a bit of a cult following. Some are extremely good, so expect to get thrashed a few times before you get any kills in. It is also possible to make money streaming CS:GO on Twitch or YouTube.


GTA V is the fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, which began over twenty years ago. The game’s latest installment GTA VI is yet to be released, meaning that GTA V has held the number one spot in the eyes of GTA fans for about a decade now. GTA V is not free, as one might imagine, but it is free to play online if you already have PSN or Xbox Live membership. GTA V’s online servers are the most fun part of the game. GTA V online has a huge community, that’s very welcoming and has a lot going on.


RDR 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2 is another Rockstar Games feature and the latest installment in the Red Dead Redemption series. Red Dead Redemption 2’s online launch was slightly underwhelming and at several points, the game’s servers have dropped extremely low, but thankfully for Rockstar, steam has picked up and the game now has a very large following. The story mode is incredible, so it’s well worth finishing that before you move on to online play. You will likely need to finish the story mode first anyway so that you can master the expansive map.

Online gaming is more popular than ever before. If you have nothing to do or just want a hobby, you should consider taking it up. If you are going to, then this post’s suggestions are great places to start. here is unblocked games that you can play ever even get block.

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