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6 Things All Good Business Cards Have

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It’s better to have no business card than to have terrible business cards.

So, it’s unfortunate to see so many businesses neglecting the importance of good business cards. These businesses don’t realize that people form opinions about them depending on the design of their business cards. So, these companies end up wasting money on bad business cards that offer them zero value.

That’s why you should seek ideas on how to avoid this mistake. You want to learn how to use a business card as a tool to promote your brand. Besides, you’re looking for ideas on how the right business cards will increase leads and conversion rates.

Keep reading to learn six things all good business cards have.

To enhance brand recognition, you must add your company’s logo to all your business cards. Besides, you need to look for ideas on how you can make this logo pop out. That’s why you should consider thermography printing to make your business cards stand out.

After adding the company’s logo, the next thing is to include the firm’s name. Make sure you use the right font and colors to make it easy to read the company name. Besides, be careful how you combine colors on your business cards.

You want to ensure you use the right colors, making your business cards look attractive and creating a positive reputation. That’s why you should consider using your company’s colors on your business cards to achieve this goal.

To get ideas on how to use these colors, check out examples of good business cards. You want to see how big brands design their business cards to get ideas.

2. Your Name

So many small businesses give out business cards without a person’s name. These businesses assume that adding the company’s name and logo is enough. Besides, these companies argue it’s expensive to make business cards with all your workers’ names.

That’s why these businesses make general business cards that any employee can give out. However, this is the wrong strategy as you need to personalize your business cards. That’s why you need to have business cards with your people’s names.

You want to make it easy for people who decide to call your business to know who they’re talking to. So, ensure you add a person’s full name on your company’s business cards. Besides, ensure that the names are spelled out properly.

So, good business card designs are the ones that contain names that are strategically placed. In addition, look for resources that guide you on good fonts for business cards. You want to get great fonts that make your business cards stand out.

3. Job Title

It’s awkward to have business cards, just names not showing what the individual does for the company. That’s why you need to add the job title below the name. You want to showcase the position a given person holds in your organization.

However, avoid using too fancy job titles as they’re confusing to many people. Besides, some people may not take you seriously when you use such titles. It’s better to stick with the traditional job titles such as “Operations Manager.”

Making the job title clear ensures that callers won’t keep guessing what a given business representative does when they call. Besides, it’s easy for people to know who to call depending on their needs. For instance, if someone wants to order from your company, they’ll call the marketing manager.

4. Contact Details

One mistake companies make is adding only the main phone number or email address on their business cards. The reason is that these contacts are already available on your company’s website. So, you’ll be receiving thousands of calls and emails with these channels.

That’s why you should add the contact details of the person named on the business card. The idea is to make it easy for prospects to reach your business. Besides, you want to ensure that these people directly reach the representative they want to talk to.

Also, you should consider adding your company’s social media details to the business cards. The reason is that these platforms are becoming popular, and many people are using them. So, by adding them, you make it easy for people to get information about your business.

5. Business’s Physical Address

With so many businesses setting up digital operations, you’ll assume there is no need to add a physical address on your business cards. Besides, you don’t expect any of the prospects to visit your physical premises. So, you’ll argue instead of adding a physical address, you add other key items on your business cards.

However, you’re mistaken when you fail to include a physical address on your business card. Yes, all your business operations may be online but adding a physical address gives you credibility. The reason is that people tend to trust businesses that have physical premises.

So, even though you operate a business from home, consider getting a physical address for your company.

6. About Business and CTA

Good quality business cards are the ones that provide brief information about the business. The idea is to describe what your company does in one or two lines. Besides, you want to add your company’s tagline, which shows why people should consider your brand.

Also, add a call to action (CTA) to prompt the person who receives it on your business cards. You want to ask this person to call your business and get more information about your brand.

Build a Positive Brand Image by Investing in Good Business Cards

With so many other companies ignoring the need for good business cards, it gives your enterprise an edge. That’s why you should ensure that your business cards contain all the above items. Search for examples of good business cards which direct you when design yours.

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