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Quick Explainer: What Is .NET Core?

Microsoft's .NET Core framework has seen a year-on-year increase by professional programmers. By providing a platform that can work on Windows, Linux, and mobile devices, .NET Core means less coding. You can choose from several languages…

Glamping: A Beginner’s Guide

What's your idea of an ideal camping experience? Is it relaxing in tranquil surroundings? Waking up in a cozy bed to have a well-prepared breakfast? Telling stories around the campfire with your loved ones? If you like this idea, then

How to Win a Giveaway: 5 Effective Tips

Who doesn't like free things? Giveaways are a big way that people like to receive cash or gifts that they otherwise don't want or wouldn't be able to buy by themselves. But the catch is that giveaways aren't easy. Sometimes the rules can be…