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Cloud Migration Services: How to Find the Right Company for Your Needs

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61 percent of businesses migrated their workloads to the cloud in 2020 alone.

So, to keep up with this trend, your business should consider using cloud computing. However, cloud migration is challenging, and it might disrupt business operations. That’s why some businesses are still reluctant to move their workloads to the cloud.

Your business should seek professional cloud migration services to counter this challenge.

Read on to find out what cloud migration is, its benefits, and how to choose the right cloud service provider.

What Is Cloud Migration, and Why Should You Invest in It?

Cloud migration is when a business moves some or all its computing resources, such as data and applications, to a cloud computing environment. Also, a cloud migration can involve moving computing resources from one cloud platform to another.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in cloud migration.

To Increase Business Agility 

One of the biggest challenges affecting businesses today is keeping up the technological advancement. They struggle to acquire the latest business software solutions. Cloud migration offers a way for these businesses to counter these challenges.

The idea is to use cloud computing to improve business agility. The goal is to adapt fast to the ever-changing technological environment. Cloud computing makes it easy for these businesses to adopt the latest computer technologies.

Also, using cloud computing makes it easy for businesses to relocate. They don’t have to worry about moving any physical IT infrastructure.

To Simplify IT Operations 

Migration to cloud services makes it easy for you and your employees to access IT resources remotely. Also, it simplifies data storage and access. All these things improve productivity and employees’ performance.

Also, shifting to cloud computing allows you to work effectively with a managed services provider. The goal is to outsource some IT functions to this provider to streamline operations. So, use the internet to search for “MSP near me.”

You want to seek this MSP’s insights on how cloud migration simplifies IT operations. Also, this MSP will help you understand the cloud migration process and how long it takes.

To Improve Scalability 

Migration to cloud services allows your business to scale the IT functions up or down depending on current needs. The idea is to reshape your IT infrastructure to fit your specifications. You want to eliminate obsolete IT resources that don’t offer any value.

Also, cloud services make it easy and fast to scale up IT functions when your business expands. The idea is to provide adequate IT resources to your employees and customers.

To Reduce IT Costs 

The other reason to migrate to cloud services is to reduce IT costs. You want to avoid the huge upfront physical IT infrastructure cost. Also, with cloud computing, you only pay for what your business uses.

You no longer need expensive data centers once you move your computing resources to the cloud. Also, using cloud services eliminate IT hardware maintenance costs.

To Improve Customer Satisfaction 

Difficulty accessing your website is one of the things that ruin the customer experience. If you do nothing to solve this problem, you risk losing customers. So, consider cloud-based hosting to overcome this challenge.

You want to make it easy for your customers to access your computing resources. The idea is to improve customer experience and increase leads. Choose the top cloud migration service providers to enjoy these cloud migration benefits.

Here’s how to find these providers.

Determine Your Cloud Computing Needs

Before you start the search for the best cloud migration service provider, you must specify your business needs. The idea is to find out more about different types of cloud services and how each of them works. You want to pick cloud services that will give your business an edge.

Here are some of the most popular types of cloud computing services.

Software as a Service (SAAS) 

SaaS is a software distribution model where the cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to your business via the internet. Using SaaS eliminates software installation hassles. Also, SaaS makes it easy to access software updates and upgrades.

You should also consider using SaaS to enhance integration and scalability. Finally, SaaS improves remote software access, boosting productivity.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) 

BaaS, also known as cloud backup, is an offsite data storage option. The goal is to regularly backup your business hard drives to a remote secure cloud-based storage. Investing in BaaS enhances data safety and simplifies data recovery.

Also, using BaaS allows remote data access to authorized parties. So, as a business owner/manager, you can access business data when on the move.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

IaaS is a cloud computing service that offers virtual computer resources over the internet. Migrating your business to IaaS eliminates the need for on-premises data centers. So, your business should leverage IaaS to reduce data center maintenance costs.

Also, IaaS allows your business to access new computer applications fast. The goal is to adopt new technology quickly to give your business an edge.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

PaaS is a cloud computing service where a third party offers hardware and software tools to your business via the internet. This third-party hosts the hardware and software tools on its infrastructure. So, as a client, you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure to access these tools.

Using PaaS eliminates the need for your business to install in-house software and hardware to use a new application.

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

SECaaS is a cloud computing solution where you outsource cybersecurity to another company. Your goal is to leverage this company’s expertise to boost cybersecurity. This company will monitor your IT systems to proactively prevent data breaches.

Also, it’ll guide you on how to quickly respond to a data breach. The goal is to ensure unauthorized parties don’t access sensitive business data.

Compare these types of cloud computing services to decide which ones to get during the migration. So, look for a cloud migration service provider who’ll advise you more on these services. The idea is to get professional guidance in choosing the right cloud services for your business.

Check Case Studies

You should check the track records of various cloud migration service providers to pick the best one. You want to choose a provider who has been in the cloud migration industry for several years. A provider with an outstanding record of offering amazing cloud migration services.

Here are key things to help you check the track records of the top cloud migration service provider.

Seek References from Other Clients 

Talking to other clients is the best way to learn about a given cloud migration service provider. You want to know whether this provider delivers on all its promises. Also, you need insights on what to expect when you hire this cloud migration service provider.

Also, you want to learn how long the cloud migration process takes. The idea is to learn how migration to the cloud will affect business operations. This information will help you minimize business disruption during the cloud migration process.

So, to get this information ask for references from the top cloud migration service providers. The idea is to get the contact details of their past and current clients. Contact these people and ask them to rate the cloud migration services of a given provider.

Your goal is to choose a cloud migration service provider with high ratings from past and current clients. The idea is to leverage this provider’s track record to enjoy top-class cloud migration services.

Check Certifications and Licensing 

Your business should review the certifications of the cloud migration provider you plan to hire. The idea is to learn the educational qualifications of its top employees. You want to choose a provider with highly trained cloud specialists.

These specialists will help you understand how the cloud migration process works. They’ll help you learn how to maintain normal business operations during the migration process.

Finally, look for a licensed cloud migration service provider. This provider adheres to the legal requirements for offering cloud migration services. So, you can trust this provider to help your business move to the cloud.

Read Online Reviews 

Before hiring a cloud migration service provider, read their online reviews. The reviews will help you know the quality of services this provider offers.

Here are some of the red flags to watch out for when reading online reviews:

  • Zero online reviews
  • Zero negative reviews
  • Too many details
  • Too little details
  • Alternative products
  • Too similar reviews

Pay attention to the above things to spot fake online reviews. You want to find a cloud migration service provider with genuine reviews. Use a reputable third-party platform to access these reviews.

The idea is to access accurate reviews to choose the right cloud migration service provider.

So, check the track records of different cloud migration service providers, get references, and read online reviews. Also, review these providers’ certifications and licensing status. Your goal is to pick a cloud migration service provider with an outstanding reputation.

Review Cloud Migration Expertise

It’s a no-brainer that you need to hire a cloud migration service provider with a high level of expertise. Unfortunately, most of the providers in this industry lack the necessary expertise. These providers will overpromise and underdeliver.

Check the cloud migration tools different providers use to avoid choosing the wrong one. The idea is to find a provider who knows the best cloud migration tools to use. These tools streamline cloud migration, thereby minimizing business interruption.

Also, look for a cloud migration service provider who’s familiar with your industry. This provider understands the biggest cloud migration challenges businesses in your industry face. So, you can trust them to effectively handle these obstacles.

Your goal is to enjoy cloud migration services that are tailored to your needs.

Check Cloud Security Expertise

Many businesses are reluctant to move to the cloud due to the fear of compromising cybersecurity. They claim accessing their computer resources via the internet exposes them to hackers. To these businesses, the risk of migrating to the cloud outweighs the benefits of using cloud services.

As a smart business owner, you know the cloud is the future. So, you should look for ways to mitigate cybersecurity threats when migrating to the cloud. And that’s why you should check cloud security expertise when searching for a cloud migration provider.

You want to pick a provider who’ll educate you on different cloud security risks and how to manage them. The idea is to enjoy the benefits of cloud services without compromising cybersecurity.

Check Cloud Migration Methodology

You need to find out what methodology a given provider proposes to use for the cloud migration project. Ask this provider why they prefer this cloud migration methodology. Your goal is to learn the pros and cons of various cloud migration methods beforehand.

You want to choose a provider who recommends an effective cloud migration methodology. A fast methodology that makes it easy for your business to move to the cloud.

Review Cloud Training and Support

The cloud migration provider you choose should train you on cloud services. The goal is to provide you with relevant training materials on cloud migration. You want to get an overview of the steps of moving your business to the cloud.

Also, look for a cloud migration provider who offers timely support. After migrating to the cloud, you can reach out to this provider for support. The goal is to get help when facing challenges accessing different cloud services.

Choose the Best Cloud Migration Services to Give Your Business an Edge

Migration to cloud services will help your business cut costs and increase productivity. So, rely on the above tips to find the best cloud migration services. You want to pick a highly reputable cloud migration service provider.

Also, look for a provider who uses the best cloud migration tools and methodology.

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