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Competitive Marketing Advantages: What You Need To Know

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Ava Gardner
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Competitive marketing advantage must be something you will bring back life in every aspect of a business. The trouble with the commoditization of an industry is that it is difficult for any business to face out. It gets harder to remain competitive, which makes it harder for a company to grow. This is not entirely surprising because achieving a real, sustainable competitive advantage is not an easy task.

The reasons people say it is hard to remain competitive in their industry range from knowing what opportunity is out there to have, to challenges having the ability to innovate rapidly enough, to internal barriers like buy-in or fear of risk-taking. Consistent with a survey, a number of the foremost common barriers to competitive advantage are:

  • Knowing what opportunity is sensible to undertake to have 
  • Prioritizing billable client beat non-billable brand-building work
  • Time, bandwidth, and budget
  • An internal fear of or aversion to taking risks
  • Cultural challenges like buy-in
  • Overcoming customer perception of the brand’s position
  • Lack of focus and slowness in innovation
  • Competitive advantage may be a changing, moving target.

While a survey conducted was limited to digital marketers, nearly every business vertical experiences commoditization and competition, but without truly understanding competitive advantage — much less the way to find, prove, and defend it — we risk drowning there in a sea of sameness. Most still use digital marketing professions like search and content as working examples but know that the principles here can benefit you, your clients, and your business, no matter industry.

What is a competitive marketing advantages?

A couple of traits professionals agree on, but the open-ended survey answered revealed tons of disparity and confusion. Let us attempt to clear that up.

Often once we mention a brand’s competitive edge, we say mission and vision statements. However, the sad truth is that many businesses are claiming competitive advantages in meaningless mission statements that are not competitive advantages in the least.

It is an extended list of intangible advantages with no focus, and this stuff every business should probably be doing. These are table stakes. You will copy and paste any name ahead of this. A dozen companies are in the primary two pages of search results that did it exactly. This is often heralded as a significant example of a meaningless mission statement.


Is your advantage unique? If anyone can claim an equal thing, it is not uncommon. Your benefit should serve a particular need, a definite audience, or uniquely deliver a product or service like Los Angeles SEO. Dig deep to seek out something specific and tangible that sets you aside from your competition.

Defensible competitive marketing advantages

A defensible competitive marketing advantages may be a different, specific claim that’s not generic or vague and avoids superlatives. If you will copy and paste any name in situ of yours, it is not defensible. Confirm your unique benefit or advantage is obvious and specific. Avoid superlatives and hyperbolic language that cannot be quantified in any way. The typical mistake I see is a generic language that does not paint an image for patrons on what causes you to be remarkable.


A significant competitive advantage should be lasting and endure over an extended period. We frequently heard that folks believe they need a competitive advantage to plug with their service within the survey. That does confer some benefits initially, but once the market figures out, the money will be made and little competition once they swoop in to encroach. The first-mover advantage may be a competitive advantage for a short time. However, it is not a sustainable competitive advantage. If you cannot hold onto that competitive advantage for a short time, it is too short-term.

Valuable competitive marketing advantages

Something the customer feels may be a more excellent value than competitors. If your customer does not care about it, it is not valuable, and thus it is not a competitive advantage. Your business does not solely define what you sell, but rather by what your customer wants. (And within the search business, that is very true – if people are not checking it out, it is not valuable to the company.) Your customer has got to feel that what you offer may be a more excellent value than your competitors. Which will be a product, service, or feature at a comparable price that excels, or it is often an identical product, service, or quality at a far better price.


Competitive marketing advantages must be something you will bring back life in every aspect of your business. This is often why typical CSR (corporate social responsibility) fails to be a tremendous competitive advantage for several brands. They put a page on their website and perhaps make a couple of donations. However, they do not live that purpose from top to bottom in their organization, and customers see throughout it. It cannot be a competitive advantage on the web site that may not also reflect at the C-level, together with your sales reps who work with customers, in your factories, and so on.

A competitive marketing advantages framework

One of the foremost vital attributes to know about competitive marketing advantage is that it is temporary. It is a moving target, so you will never get too comfortable. The instant you identify your competitive edge and enjoy superior profit margins or share of voice during space, competitors will let start racing to require advantage of the latest learnings themselves. This results in eventual parity among competitors, and therefore the cycle begins again.

So you would like to work out where to evolve or re-invent to remain competitive. This is often a handy little framework for locating, establishing, articulating, and maintaining your competitive advantage. However, note that this is not purely linear. Once competitors encroach on your previous edge, you are in danger of losing it, so make sure to seem ahead to what your next competitive advantage is often OR how you will elevate and defend the one you have already got.

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