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Explainer Videos in Digital marketing- An effective Business Strategy

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Are you pondering how to make your business a part of a digital marketing strategy? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about how explainer videos are an effective and proven marketing strategy. 

Well! There is no secret that this internet marketing world is flooded with videos and is becoming a major trend. Using the right video type at the right time will not only help you engage the right individual but also drive business productivity. 

Before we dive into the benefits of explainer videos in digital marketing, let’s first understand the term explainer videos.

What are Explainer videos?

An explainer video is a short animated video that attracts the visitor’s attention and helps them understand complex products or business concepts in the simplest and best possible way. From a marketing perspective, it works best for your brand.

Having such short and interactive videos capture the user’s attention in a few minutes by fulfilling their demands in a succinct way. According to the statistics, 81% of the people make a decision to purchase the product/service by watching impressive explainer videos. 

Are you excited to know more about the purpose of explainer videos in marketing? Let’s take a rundown to know-how explainer videos have turned out to be a productive way, and how it can help you reach out to potential customers and increase business productivity.

Role of Explainer videos in Digital Marketing

Let’s get started…..

Grabs the visitors attention 

In this digital world, attracting visitors towards the website or product is not a cakewalk. To get notice and inspire them to make a purchase, one needs to implement a strong marketing strategy. This is where exciting explainer videos come into play. 

There are no two opinions that the human brain gets attracted towards the engaging content instead of long formatted text. By watching explainer videos, people feel emotionally connected and get interested in your product/service. That’s why 76% of people believe that explainer videos help them increase traffic. 

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that appealing and informative explainer videos create a new buzz in business advertising and reinforcing brands. 

Digital marketing


Multiply your Conversion Rate 

Explainer videos also play an incredible role in improving your conversion rate. If you are wondering about increasing your sales and business revenue, then creating an alluring explainer video will help you drive powerful results. 

Approximately 81% of the organizations that are using video marketing have observed a huge growth in their sales and conversion. 

Attracting visitors and converting them into leads is something which is not so easy. But explainer videos inspire the people to make a purchase. Also, according to the survey, 81% of the people will buy the product after watching an explainer video. 

So, if you also want to increase the conversion rate and keep your business stand out from the rest, it’s the right time to incorporate explainer videos in your marketing strategy. 

Explains everything effortlessly

Explaining everything over the web in a few minutes is not easy. It requires detailed information and extra efforts to ease things. But explainer video is the easiest and cost-effective way that allows you to make people understand your products and services easily. 

Approximately 97% of the marketers believe that by creating explainer videos, they can easily understand the complex products/services. The characters of explainer videos help the viewer link themselves and have fun understanding of complex products. 

According to the research, it is stated that the human brain processes visual content 50,000 times more than the normal text. So, if you are planning a complex product to put to a sea or want people to understand your products and services better, start using explainer videos. 

Build trust and strong customer relationships

Just think for a moment, what is the foundation of every business? Trust and strong customer relations is what every marketer aims for. Having trustworthy customers is not only beneficial for your business but also inspires others towards your brand. Always remember, there are high chances of people to purchase a product if their friends or family members recommend it. 

Well! If you are expecting to increase your income by attracting visitors and without building customers’ trust and having loyal followers, then you are wrong. Having loyal followers who trust your brand will not only purchase your products and services but also inspire others and act as a promoter, which is, of course, beneficial for your business growth. 

According to the statistics, 57% of the customers who watch explainer videos get more confidence in purchasing your product/service. So, if you also want to improve your sales, then I recommend you to create engaging explainer videos that actually converts. 


More appealing to mobile users

There are no two opinions that people are spending most of their time on their mobile devices. Mobile phones are so popular these days that people prefer doing research on their personalized devices before buying products. 

Yes! Explainer videos and mobile phones go hand in hand. Approximately 90% of people watch videos on their personal devices. Thus, always create mobile-optimized videos if you want to see a tremendous improvement in your website traffic because 92% of mobile users watching videos share it with others. More the share, the more the brand awareness. 

As the demand for mobile videos is increasing day by day, the quality and size of the video also need to be considered. Moreover, you can also use video editing applications to make things easier and create effective explainer videos to have a lively pitch. 

Retains in Customer’s mind

In this fast-paced world, reading is something which is not preferred. Most of the people want to get more information in a short span of time. And the surprising part is that 50% of the information shared in the form of visuals are retained more by the viewers. 

More the customer retains the information, the higher the chances they make a purchase. According to the research, organizations having repeat customers generate higher revenue and improves their brand awareness than agencies having new customers.

Explainer video includes animated characters, motion graphics, audio and a highly informative script that helps the viewer remember your product or service for more time. 

Organizations leveraging the power of visual content are able to make the viewers stick to their brand for longer. So, if you also want to enhance your website traffic and overall marketing strategy, it’s the right to add explainer videos in your marketing strategy. 

Hype up your brand awareness

Well! Creating an effective online Digital marketing strategy is not easy. But if you successfully create appealing and informative explainer videos, you will see a massive improvement in your brand awareness and revenue. 

According to HubSpot, 54% of people prefer watching videos from a brand. Thus, it’s vital for companies to improve their brand awareness. If it’s your first attempt then, need not worry! You can also use video editing tools or consult best explainer video production companies that will help you build compelling explainer videos at an affordable cost.

Always remember, the more is your brand awareness, the better is your business productivity. So, start creating greater visibility around your brand by making a professional and creative explainer video.  

Encourages social shares

Just think a moment, can social sharing help you escalate your business productivity? Yes! More the number of social shares, the higher the business productivity. 

According to the statistics, social video has the potential to generate 1200% more shares instead of images or text. Thus, to increase the number of shares, you can create appealing videos and share it on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 

Explainer videos will add immense value to your online business by improving the performance of your web page. Once you are successful in increasing website traffic, the easier it becomes to improve your ROI. So, start creating explainer videos that are the right fit for your business. 

Better ranking on Google

Last but not least, boost SEO. There are no two opinions that Google loves videos. It prioritizes video content 53 times more on the internet instead of long boring texts and images.

To use explainer videos productively, you can have it on your homepage or website landing pages. It will not only help you rank your website in the top searches but also improves your organic search results. 

According to the statistics, adding videos on the website landing page will help you increase your conversion rate upto 80%, which is quite remarkable. To boost up your rankings for SEO, make sure you upload your video script on your website. 

As video scripts are packed with a lot of quality keywords, it will help you get more backlinks and grow your SEO. So, make sure you optimize the videos to rank your higher.

Generate more leads

If I am not wrong, then most of the organizations are putting their best efforts to generate more leads? Are you the one? If yes, then incorporate explainer videos in your Digital marketing approach. It will help you attract more quality leads to your website. 

By adding videos, visitors will stay more on your website, which will further reduce your bounce rate and improve SEO ranking. So, what are you waiting for? Start improving your worth and generate quality leads by creating impressive and useful explainer videos.

While using explainer videos, it is vital to understand how you should incorporate it in your business so that it enhances your Digital marketing attempts and increases your revenue in no time. 

How to use explainer videos in digital marketing?

Indeed, various methods can be put into practices to leverage the benefits of explainer videos to the fullest. So, let’s see some of them. 

Paid Ads

Nevertheless, it is one of the most trending ways to use videos. Youtube ads, Facebook ads, website ads will engage millennial buyers and inspire them to make a purchase.


Email marketing is evergreen. But nowadays, people usually open emails unless it is unseen or unheard. Adding videos in your emails will not only increase its open rate but also helps in converting visitors into leads and then to potential customers. 

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Social Networks

By posting videos on social channels, you can easily make your brand visible. Around 90% of the people are on social networks; therefore; it is one of the best ways to reach the masses and build a strong customer base. Start creating appealing and short stories to post on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networking sites.

Source: oberlo

One of the great things about explainer videos is that it has sub-categories that you can create, publish and promote to grow your business, including:

  • 2D Character Animation
  • 2D Infographics Animation
  • 2.5D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Live-Action Explainer
  • Screencast Explainer Video
  • Kinetic Typography Explainer, etc.

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In a Nutshell

The explainer video is the easiest way to make people connect with your brand emotionally in a short span of time. It not only helps you attract the visitors but also allows you to convey complex information in the easiest way. Moreover, it has the ability to outrank your website and increase revenue. 

Yes! Creating fascinating and informative explainer videos will create real miracles of digital advertisement at an affordable price. Choosing the most appropriate type of explainer videos and using it in the right way will help you create real miracles. 

I hope the above-mentioned information will help you acquire the desired customers and hit the business targets effortlessly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get ready to portray your value propositions effectively. 

Still, if you have any second thoughts or want to know more how explainer videos are a powerful Digital marketing approach, feel free to share your queries in the comment section below.

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