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Guided Meditation Why Should One Meditate?

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What is Guided Meditation? It is merely a tool that connects one to their inner self. It creates a spiritual awareness with an emotional realm and increases the urge to living more consciously. A reflection practice goes in two ways: you are either guided or unguided through the whole thing. Whichever way you want, it varies from one person to another. Well, if you’re going to be guided, it would be worth exploring what guided meditation means and what it entails.

What is Guided Meditation?

It is a type of self-examination whereby a teacher leads the practice-either in person or via audio or video. The teacher is usually an expert in the practice. He or she explains the approach of the dynamics of the mind and how it behaves. After that, the teacher also explains different reflection techniques and how to integrate them into everyday life. 

Why Do People Meditate in the First Place?

Why Guided Meditation

So you’ve heard that meditation is a critical tool that contributes to growth and self-development. Now, that is primarily useful. However, there’s more to meditation than just the self-development aspect. People reflect for many reasons other than renewing the mind, body, souls, and heart. More benefits of meditation are discussed below:

Reasons why you should meditate

Guided Meditation For inner peace

In the world we are living in, many factors would make one unproductive. Talk about unpleasant surroundings, the air you breathe, disorganized stuff, interactions from people, and not forgetting social media, etc. All these and more affect how your mind thinks and how your body takes it all in.

Guided Meditation For inner peace

Introspection prevents the accumulation of all the above junk and more inside you. It clears them from the system and converts all the negativity within positive and more useful energy. At the end of it, one zona into a realm of absolute calmness and increase self-awareness.

Makes one more relaxed

Makes one more relaxed

You know what the physical world holds: stress, pressure, and negativity from people. Engaging in deep thought helps one to loosen the attachment with this world. It also helps one to focus on the feelings and thoughts that run on the inside. You become more keen and observant of people’s actions around you. Before taking any action, one gets plenty of time to observe, assess, and process every thought in mind. After all these, they unfold them into actions in the real world.

Increases self-awareness

A human’s mind runs with countless thoughts. You think all the time about everything and anything. Sometimes you aren’t even sure if those thoughts or what you want precisely. Well, that is why you need quiet time to ponder yourself in deep thought. Guided self-examination gives one clarity of these thoughts of confusion and sheds light on the inner desires of the mind.

Increases self-awareness

People also become more self-aware about the thoughts they actively engage in. One also becomes aware of thoughts they aren’t conscious of regardless of their presence. You also understand what you think more, how you think, and your feelings and desires about specific thoughts.

You live in the present

Living in the present world comes from calmness from within. Many are times, people get caught in the past or what might happen in the future. It occurs when one is busy handling many thoughts, making the present activities not to function fully in the present moment. Such a situation requires a solution to maintain one in the present life.

Meditation is a source of inspiration

There is the part of the brain that sources your most fabulous ideas, motivations, and creative solutions for problems. In many cases, one’s ability to do all these get shut down in the brain. Therefore, meditation effectively unlocks these new ideas and solutions from a trapped subconscious mind.

Guided meditation rejuvenates you

Highly effective people have a tool that continually sharpens them to their success. The human body is made up of energy flows, which drive the everyday activities. As good as they are for the body, these energy flows may have blockages due to several factors. They may be caused by injuries or challenges that people experience in life.

After reflecting on the inner you, these blockages are cleaned out to facilitate energy flow around you. Consequently, you feel energized and rejuvenated.

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Increases spiritual connection and life fulfillment

Everyone has a sixth sense, also known as intuition. As such, meditation creates a consciousness that naturally increases a spiritual connection with that sixth sense. This exercise subsequently increases and trains psychics and phenomena to create an excellent foundation for their development.

All in all, a combination of all the above benefits increases one’s fulfillment in life. You become more positive about what surrounds you and master yourself for your good. Even more, guided meditation positions you to benefit and get more from your everyday living.

A Series of Guided Meditation on Youtube

Factors to consider when choosing a meditation practice

When it choosing the right meditation practice, one should assess various qualities to narrow down to the best selection. How do you feel about a particular meditation practice? Well, below are some practical considerations about choosing meditation practices that you should consider:

  • Ease of practice
    Different meditation techniques come with a diverse number of methods to approach them. If you are seeking to relax, your approach should be easy enough to keep you attentive for a long time. The ease of the technique should also be enjoyable to increase your chances of success.

  • Practicality
    Is the meditation practice that you want to consider workable? Again, what you choose should narrow down to what you prefer and for how long you prefer it. For example, if your level of time input is one hour, you should consider a session that lasts that long. If you don’t wish to take it up that high, then you should find a course that lasts around fifteen to twenty minutes.

  • What surrounds you
    Meditation calls for a conducive environment to separate yourself from mental noise. You should know that the environment is not just a setting. The presence of other people would also influence the outcome of your experience. What surrounds you is your environment or mediation setting.

    You should ask yourself the question, “Can you practice meditation anywhere?” Maybe you prefer being in a quiet and solitary place to get the most out of it. Perhaps the success of your technique would do great amidst a busy environment such as that with heavy traffic. Either way, the perfect setting for your meditation should not limit your ability to keep up the practice.
  • Reflection and feedback
    Reflecting is looking back at your style of meditation and weighing its delivery qualities. Understanding a particular technique will help you know if it has made a difference in your meditation after each session. Keeping a journal about your sessions would help you do that. It would help to keep track of various reflections that have similarities in quality and settings. Write out what you think about a particular meditation style to weigh the benefits of each

  • Effectiveness
    Your meditation practice should deliver what you intended it to. For instance, maybe you want your performance in particular activities to be enhanced. These activities may relate to sports, professionalism or your workplace. Such desires would call for suitable techniques that would deliver to your expectations.

    However, if you are particular about relieving anxiety, migraines, or any form of addiction, you might want to consider the right approach. As such, Vedic Meditation would help. You should know that you don’t have to delve into the science of these techniques and more. You can easily establish what would work for you effectively.

    It is worth checking a meditation technique to see if you are comfortable. It is mainly because different methods come with different lifestyles and philosophical approaches. Say you are particular about a particular creed, religion or belief. What you choose should align with your denomination to prevent a sense of conflict from arising.

    Also, the place matters in this case. Being in an area that makes you comfortable contributes a great deal to your meditation achievement. As such, a place with fewer distractions would seem ideal to develop quality meditation for your benefit.

  • Quality of meditation approach
    Before choosing any style or meditation approach, you should know that not all meditation sessions are great successes. One style may stun you, another may not. These variations depend on people’s scales of preference. The quality of your meditation session may be influenced by visual stimuli, noise or other factors.

    To get the best quality out of it, mediating a while after getting busy with something else would help. You would approach it with a relaxed and calm mind. It would increase your odds of having a fruitful experience.
    In essence, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. One needs to find the right type of meditation and figure out if it works for them or not. You can connect with a teacher for a guided meditation to feel more at ease. This would primarily help, especially if you think you wouldn’t get more out of your meditation solo.

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