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When Looking For New Medical Staff It’s Important To Remember These Tips

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If you are responsible for managing a hospital or doctor’s surgery, then you are probably also responsible for hiring new staff. The quality of the staff that you hire will play a very important role in your patient’s experience. For this reason, you need to take measures to ensure that you only ever employ people who are qualified, suitable, and experienced.

But how are you supposed to make sure that every employee is qualified and experienced? This post will answer this question for you, so you can assemble a fantastic healthcare team.

Medical Credentialing

When you are hiring a new employee for your surgery or hospital, you need to have proper medical credentialing processes in place. The physician credentialing process, in particular, needs to be very thorough. You need to be sure that the people that you are hiring have experience and qualifications. Make sure that if they are a foreign doctor, you verify their credentials with the university or healthcare institution that they worked with abroad.  Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to medical credentialing, since doing so can lead to you employing underqualified staff.

Criminal Checks

In addition to credentialing, you also need to perform criminal record checks. In many countries, it is acceptable for healthcare workers to have criminal records, as long as they aren’t serious. In the United States, however, this is not the case. While it is indeed true that criminals can change their ways and reform, it is still not acceptable for an individual in a position of power (such as a doctor or a nurse) to have a criminal past. Again, if they are a foreign doctor or employee, then ask for a criminal record certificate from their country of origin.

Social Media

You can pay for vetting services to conduct extensive research into each candidate’s social media and online history. Sometimes, people with spent criminal convictions actually still show up on the internet. If a person does not declare that they have spent convictions, then the internet’s a good way to double-check that they are indeed clean and have never been arrested. In terms of actual personality, social media can tell you a lot. A person’s social media and the way that they live their life can help you to get a picture of whether or not they are responsible, and whether they are suitable for working in your hospital or surgery or not.

Drug Tests

Once you have performed all of the checks listed here, you need to go one step further and drug test them. If you live in a state where recreational or medicinal Cannabis use is legalized, you cannot discriminate against employees who test positive, especially since Cannabis is now legalized on a federal level. However, if they test positive for anything else, then you should ask them for an explanation and if it is not sufficient, disqualify them from the hiring process.

Some of the methods mentioned in this post might seem intrusive and a little too much, but you really can’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the quality of the people working for your hospital or surgery. Make sure to implement each method outlined here for maximum hiring efficacy.

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