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How to Protect Your Business From Cybersecurity Threats

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Are you doing everything in your power to protect your business data? 83% of small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford a cyberattack, so if you’re not protecting yourself, you’re putting your entire business (and livelihood) at risk. 

We’re here to talk about the steps that you can take to protect information related to your business. Read on to learn more.

Keep Your Software Updated

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re protecting your business information. It’s also free!

Next time that little notification about updating your software appears on your computer, don’t click the “remind me later” button. Instead, update it right away or set up automatic updates.

Yes, it’s annoying to stop what you’re doing for an update, but those updates contain important security features for modern threats. They won’t protect you against everything, but they’ll give you a good foundation. 

Educate Your Employees

Is cybersecurity part of your employee training? If not, you’re putting your company data at risk! Teach your employees cybersecurity best practices so they can learn how to protect data on their own.

Cybersecurity training should include things like:

  • Password best practices
  • Recognizing phishing scams
  • What to do if they suspect a breach

If you’re not sure what your employees need to stay safe online, consider hiring a professional to train them. It’s worth the cost. 

Separate Work and Home Devices

This is important for both you and your employees. You should never use your work devices for things like social media and games. It’s in your best interest to provide your employees with work devices, even if they’re working from home.

When you use a computer for social media, you’re opening yourself up to more opportunities for cybercriminals to access your data. 

Invest in Cybersecurity Services

Many small business owners resist spending money on cybersecurity, but this is a bad move. Yes, you can use free antivirus software, but it’s not as effective as using professional cybersecurity services to protect your business.

Professionals will catch problems as soon as they arise. They stay up-to-date with current threats and they know how to prevent them. They can also help you recover from a security breach so you don’t have too much downtime (which hurts your bottom line).

View this cyber security partner for more details.

Delete Obsolete Files and Accounts

This is something that many business owners never think about, but it’s important. When you’re no longer using a file or account, get rid of it.

Let’s say that one of your employees leaves your business. Their account is no longer in use, so you may not be paying attention to it. This creates a perfect window of opportunity for a cybercriminal to access your data. 

Close that window by getting rid of the account.

Protect Your Business Data With These Tips

You can’t afford to have a cybercriminal get access to your business data. These tips will keep you, your business, your employees, and your customers safe. Remember: cybersecurity is an investment that pays off.

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