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How to Start an Online Boutique

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Ava Gardner
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Ava Gardner, The Technologist. I started blogging to jump myself towards to contribute in information.

Ten easy steps regarding how to start an online boutique are something I get asked all the time. People can’t seem to find the information they don’t know where to go, don’t know exactly where to start. I am going to tell you guys in this guide exactly. where to start and give you guys the exact steps to getting started. Like I starting a legit legal business, so without further ado, let’s go right starting an online boutique though. Let’s start with step number one

Step Number 1 – starting an online boutique

Step number one is the most critical step in starting your fashion boutique, and that is picking an online boutique name. I know it doesn’t sound like it’s the most crucial step. Still, it is and let me explain to you guys. why picking your business name is required in the very beginning because this is the name that you’re going to be using for everything. So for your social media for your officials like online boutique paperwork and stuff, you need to pick a name that’s not already taken you need to choose a unique name, that’s why you need to pick a name that is going to have longevity. 

You will be able after reading the whole guide.

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I mean, picking a Fashion boutique is the most crucial part of starting your business. You want to check in the fictitious online Boutique name database that the name is not already registered. You also want to verify that the domain is not already taken either, so sometimes like. Let’s say you want to start Jacky’s boutique .com that domain name may not be available because somebody already purchased it. So you want to make sure that your domain is available you can do that by going on GoDaddy and searching the online boutique name. I’ll tell you if it possible or not if it’s not registered if net or dot whatever is available with your business name, so that is why step number one is.

Watch this video guide to Start your Online Boutique in 10 easy steps


Gia Monae Youtuber

The most important, you want to make sure that your name is available. It is also essential, though, for the longevity of your business, it’s just something that’s going to resonate with your customers. Is it easy to remember is it something that means something to you is it important is it something that you can see your business growing in 20 years. You’d be proud of the name without having to change your name or rebrand, so this is the most thought-out process; this is the most crucial process.

Space Check.

Because it’s something that is going to be with you forever, hopefully, if your business does last forever, God willing. You also need to check if the Online Fashion boutique name is available on Instagram number one on Facebook Twitter snap chat everything you name it. Or, like a modification of the name is available, preferably the entire name the way that you want it to be is available.

Because you want to have that same name across all social media platforms and be able to market by yourself and advertise your brand across all those platforms? Therefore, you make sure that the name is available on everything you can imagine to have a legit Fashion Boutique. You need to apply for an EIN.

Step Number 2 – EIN and IRS

It is an employer identification number. You do this with the IRS, and it allows you to do business; it will enable you to have employees will enable you to create a business you need an EIN. You go to the IRS website, and you decide what type of business you will be. You can register as a sole proprietor as an LLC as an S Corp. That’s a whole other separate Guide, but if you’re starting, you don’t have big bucks you don’t have a lot of money to invest. You don’t have a lot of assets to lose.

Then I recommend starting as a sole proprietor into your business grows large enough that the self-employment tax is like ridiculous, and you end up paying like an astronomical amount of fees at the end of the year.


Then that’s when it’s time to consider changing from a sole proprietor to some corporation. But in the beginning, I recommend starting as a single proprietor step number three after you apply for your EIN the IRS sends you an EIN letter and then you can apply for your seller’s permit.

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What does a seller’s permit allow you to do so a seller’s grant will enable you to purchase wholesale it enables you to buy merchandise at wholesale prices. The reason that you have a license is for you to be able to buy wholesale and then sell your products at a retail price. Later pay the state that you live in the applicable sales tax, so you buy wholesale, then you sell it at retail so like it’s the same as it when you go shopping, and then you get charged sales tax. Then you’re responsible for paying that sales tax to your state for having a functioning business in your country, so that is step three.

Step Three –

Step three, getting your resellers to permit to be able to purchase wholesale to sell retail. So that you can pay your State applicable sales tax or, in whatever state you’re doing business, you pay the applicable sales tax by getting a seller’s permit from those areas.

If you decide to do like pop-up shops in different cities or like, let’s say you do swap meets and stuff like that, they each have their guidelines. Sometimes they make you sell without a permit for the first two times or the first three times, and sometimes you need a license for that city. Then you’ll need to get a seller’s permit for that city and pay the applicable sales tax for that city, so whatever the sales tax is in that area or in that County you pay that when you’re done making sales at that pop-up shop.

Step Four

It must be kind of tricky in the beginning, but once you get a grasp on it, it’s effortless to do step four is you file for your fictitious business thing, so you need to register the business name. I think there should be step three to be honest because you need to file the business and name like the official business name you go to your county registrar.

You register the name that you’re going to be doing business. So I’m Jacqueline, and I’m doing business as GM owned a or my company name is Miramontes Investments LLC doing business as GM owned a. So you file your fictitious online fashion boutique; this allows you to use that name to do business, which is why step one was important. Because you’re going to be filing that business name and you’re going to be doing business in with that name.

Step Five

It’s necessary to make sure that it’s available step 5 you get your business a bank account. So you’re going to want to get paid you’re going to you’re expecting to make some income off opening an online fashion boutique or opening a business. Hence, you need a business bank account where all the money goes into obviously somebody in the back and Nebraska.

I mean, California is not going to pay me the cash I didn’t pay me to cash me some cash in an envelope to pay for their order no they pay online with a credit card and then the money goes deposited it into your bank account. To be able to open a business bank account, you will need the fictitious business name paperwork they give you some forms that you need to be able to open the bank account. You will need those official forms that say that you are a registered business you paid those fees to be able to open a bank account.

Step Six

Step six will be registering your fashion boutique in whatever city you’re going to be doing business in, so like I live, for example, in Rancho Cucamonga, so let’s say I was doing my business out of my home in Rancho Cucamonga. Then I go to the city of Rancho Cucamonga, and I register my business doing business in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

Then they have the fees that they charge you for doing business in their town they ask you about the space that you’re doing so is it a room in your house do you have an office in Rancho Cucamonga do you have a warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga. They’ll ask you all types of business name business questions that may or may not apply to your business. Then you answer them truthfully, and when you register your business in that city, and you have a business license for that city.

Step Seven

Step seven would be deciding what platform will you use to do business set up. Your online boutique will use WooCommerce, or you use Shopify, where you use Squarespace. Will you use big Connors? Will you use store Envy? There are so many options out there. You have to figure out which option is more suitable for you and which one you’re able to apply to the best of your ability. So I recommend playing around with the platform’s kind of plant getting a free trial and playing around and seeing what you’re more comfortable with what’s going to suit your business needs.


What each platform offers that you could potentially use in the future or that you hope to use in the future like what apps they offer integration with stuff like that, so you want to look into everything, consider everything before setting your heart on a platform. Because once you set up on a platform, let’s say your business grows to transition it to another platform. It’s going to be pretty challenging, not impossible. Anything is possible. Still, you want to save yourself that headache in trouble, so pick the best platform right off the bat.

Step Eight

Step eight is going to be where the fun begins, so this is where you buy merch where and how do you purchase merch there are several places.
There are online sources like Alibaba, where you can buy you know or Aliexpress where you can buy things from China. And you can start with small items like accessories and stuff like that I really wouldn’t recommend clothes unless you have a reliable source. Still, there are also local sources so you can attend a trade show you can visit the WD magic.

Starting an online boutique,

They have one I believe in Vegas, and I think in New York they also have a Fame. Many trades show that you can attend to buy wholesale merchandise also. If you can not wait for a trade show, then you can visit the LA fashion district I believe Dallas has a market Center I think Atlanta has a market Center and I believe New York has a market Center.
They don’t want Sally Joe Luke and John and Maria and Stephanie to be coming to the show and taking up space.

When there are people who are trying to do business and get work done. they don’t need you just to come and roam around. because you’re interested. no, you have to be a business. These previous steps will get you into these trade shows I believe you can come if you’re not a legit business.

Advertisement / Publicity

Still, I think there may be a fee I don’t know you can contact the trade show themselves and they can tell you more information on that I will link that down below for you guys to be able to look up so step number nine as you’re setting up your website and all that stuff.

Make sure that you leave an option for people who are interested in your website to be able to put their email address so that they get notified. When your store officially launches, so have your Instagrams set up your Facebook set up all your social media accounts set up to let people know. That there’s a business coming and be able to submit their email address to get notified when your company launches so at step 9.

Step Nine

You want to be working on the back of your website, so you want to be doing your product shots, putting in your prices, putting in the weights of the products, and just basically getting all-around setup. It is another fun part of the business. When you’re first starting because it’s easy to take a couple of product shots to upload them, create banners create backgrounds, create you know just everything to do your business. Yours and to make your business stand out, so this is another fun part of the setup process to getting your boutique. Your online boutique up and running

Step Ten

Step number 10 is to start selling, so start promoting to family and friends start promoting across your social media that you have launched and begin making sales anywhere. Any way possible if that means carrying merchandise in your trunk if that means letting your friends know. That you’re ready to sell and you have your goods out there start selling the first people to generate income for your business are going to be your family and friends God willing that they are supportive of you.

Your dreams, if they are not trying to attend pop-up shops, work to participate in any events. That is local to you to be able to get your name out there and to be able to make sales so you can generate some revenue and continue to bring in new styles and grow your social media presence.

how to start a fashion boutique?

But God willing, I’m hoping that you guys have supporting friends and family or at least the percentage of them. That is willing to invest in your dreams by purchasing tangible goods from you to be able to reinvest in your business. So those are the ten steps to how to start your online boutique or any store. I think they’re pretty straightforward. If you have any questions, your feedback is important to us. Please leave a reply in the comments so we will address it.

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