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Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

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Due to the business development of a single multi-national company. The job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies like Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola, Apple, and Samsung is out of the boundaries of a single country. There is a number of employees working under these multi-national companies.

These companies are responsible to take care of the company employees. Employees working under these companies feel themselves luckiest persons. In these companies, employees are satisfied with their job.
Job Satisfaction & Multi-national Companies

Job satisfaction and its importance

Before we start to discuss job satisfaction at multi-national companies. It’s important to know what is job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is basically the acceptance by the employee that he/she is happy with the job. Employees Satisfaction with the job is important for the companies because it directly affects the overall productivity of the company.

The research of Watch Market Online shows in modern countries where the unemployment rate is low especially in America. In these countries, employees leave the job when they are not treated well by the company. That’s why an employee’s job satisfaction has become the most important element or issue to consider and solve for all multi-national companies.


Job satisfaction level in Pepsi Cola

Pepsi Cola is the most successful company in the world to gain a high level of satisfaction of employees. Employees in Pepsi Co love to work for the company. Pepsi has separate corporate offices responsible for designing the policies that can improve motivation and satisfaction levels in the employees. 

Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

Pepsi cola using the Human Resource department to improve the satisfaction level among the employees by providing a lot of benefits. There are a number of benefits that Pepsi Co is providing for employees.

These benefits include Pay Allowances, Bonuses, Cash Awards, Job Security and Free Dispensary. But the most innovative incentives and techniques that play a key role for Pepsi to gain high job satisfaction levels of employees are low price food and low price drink.

Job Satisfaction level in Apple

Apple is the only company whose employees feel proud to be a member or employee of the company. All researchers or survey ranked the Apple number one company in gaining the satisfaction level of employees.

Employees in Apply feel happy because they are facing new challenges and exposure on a daily bases. There are a number of benefits for employees to work for Apple including a good salary amount, Good Food and Pay Allowance, etc. In Apple Salary for a part-time worker is huge as compared to any other company in the world.

Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

Job Satisfaction level in Coca Cola

Coca Cola is the only company that believes in employee skills improvement more as compare to improve profit ratio. The company believes that the real body of the Coca Cola is its employees.

Coca Cola is the world’s best largest beverage industry, and the reason behind the success of the company is employees are always happy with the company and love to work for the company.

Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

Job satisfaction level in Nestle

Nestle company is so conscious about employee satisfaction. The company has a corporate code of conduct that design policies guaranteed that employees are satisfied with the company. Nestle Stated in his report Our People the importance of employees.

Nestle’s first priority is ensuring employees human and labor rights, training for improving the skills, Job and health security. Nestle products are sold worldwide and now the company has decided to cover more geographical areas.

Due to their strategy the job of employees in Nestle becoming tough. To solve this issue Nestle real focus is on the skills improvement of the employees by conducting training programs.

Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

Job satisfaction in Samsung

Samsung Company believes that innovation is the culture of the company. To run the organization towards the right direction company employees need to be more creative.

Samsung has different strategies to motivate the employees to new things day by day. One of the best strategies that Samsung is using to motivate employees is its Thomson’s online benefits.

The company-new strategy to motivate or Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies the worker is its feedback program from employees. Samsung started this program and let the employees share what benefits the company should add in employee’s salary packages.

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There are a number of benefits for the employees working in Samsung. According to Samsung the core benefit that differentiates the company from all other companies in the employee’s assistant program.

In the employee’s assistant program, Samsung offers the free check-up of eyes, free Gym facility, and some other voluntary benefits.

Job Satisfaction & Multinational Companies

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