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Ukraine: A Perfect Hub of IT Outsourcing Companies

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Ukraine is known as the powerhouse of IT. A well-qualified and expert technical staff becomes its identity. Most of their IT engineers have master’s degrees. Due to this reason, a highly competitive and assorted IT outsourcing market. No doubt, IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine are the first choice of various business giants of the global market. That’s why companies are gaining more clients and continuously growing and making a success. Among the big players in this field, the GBKSOFT is the cherry on the cake. Due to the diverse range of frameworks, languages, and libraries of mobile and web development it has its unique place in the market. 

Why Ukraine is famous in the field of IT?

A technically well-educated Ukrainian staff is the basis of its success in the field of IT. Several universities and institutions focus solely on the IT sector of Ukraine. High quality of work and services bring IT companies under the spotlight. Several businesses prefer Ukraine for their software development outsourcing. Furthermore, the following qualities of Ukraine play a significant role in its success in the field of IT. 

  • Highly Competent and trained Professionals 
  • Best academic background
  • Good ratio of price-quality
  • An optimistic environment of business

Reasons Why Several Companies Outsource to Ukraine


There are various reasons that companies all around the world like Ukraine in the IT outsourcing field. Most of the business giants are interested in hiring developers of Ukraine.

 Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Best Professional Qualification

Ukraine considers technical education as a base and provides proper guidance. Due to this reason, Ukrainian developers have a strong background in technical education. Private IT schools other than the universities also perform their duty to enhance their knowledge. Several big companies applied for Ukraine’s IT services. Moreover, various startups and huge investors also selected Ukraine. All these are the proofs of Ukraine’s popularity in this domain. Furthermore, a wide range of development of business solutions is also offered by the Ukrainian market, like IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and much more. All common or rare language developers are easily available here. 

  • Cost\Quality Rate

The quality of service provided by the IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine is high. Moreover, a very reasonable and rational price of their services is another perk. An average per hour rate ranges between 25 $ to 45 $ in Ukraine. On the other hand, the price also varies with the level of expertise and technologies you select. Overall, the cost-quality rate is quite reasonable here as per their services.

  • IT Export Volume

Furthermore, the IT field of Ukraine mostly focused on IT outsourcing services. In the year 2018, four percent of the country’s GDP was generated by its export. The field of outsourcing involves more than fifty percent of Ukrainian developers. Due to such conditions, companies all around the globe are attracted to Ukraine. Their main focus is to hire Ukrainian expert engineers for high-quality software development. The Ukrainian IT market is growing constantly and making its rules, regulations, and standards better for its international clients. So, it’s quite rare that an outsourcing team of Ukraine performs unprofessionally or carelessly. 

  • Cultural Compatibility 

Some inherent qualities of Ukrainians are honesty, hospitality, and openness. That’s why IT outsourcing companies will not hide or sugarcoat anything from you. In this way, you are fully aware of the real situation of things. No doubt, they will educate and update you about bad and good developments. Moreover, they will also offer ways to resolve the issue. These people are open-minded, and due to this reason communication is not uncomfortable or strained. No doubt,  no one can compete with Ukraine outsourcing companies, due to its cultural compatibility, level of English, and price-quality ratio.

GBKSOFT| Ukrainian top most IT Outsourcing Company

GBKSOFT comes under the topmost famous IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Their expert IT professionals perform their duty very well. Their mobile or web development libraries, frameworks, and diverse range of languages give it an exceptional place. Its services include artificial intelligence, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Swift, etc. No doubt every service provided by it is of high quality. download.png


IT outsourcing companies of Ukraine are the best choice. All those who are in search of unique expertise, solution development, and client-oriented services can choose them. Ukraine proved itself as a powerful hub of IT in the world. No doubt, for great and perfect results, all famous businesses prefer Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies for best development. 


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