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4 Undeniable Benefits of Microsoft Teams

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Did you know that 75% of employees say that collaboration and teamwork are important to them? If your employees have a hard time communicating and working with their colleagues, they’ll feel less job satisfaction and could end up being less productive. 

That’s when a tool like Microsoft Teams for business can help. If you’re wondering if Microsoft Teams tools can help improve productivity, you’re in the right place. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of Microsoft Teams so you can decide if it’s the right solution for your company’s needs. 

1. It Simplifies Communication

Oftentimes, employees have quick questions that don’t always warrant a full email or meeting. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to initiate quick conversations, so no one is held up on a task. 

In this digital world, this is a great substitute for popping into someone’s office with a question, that might not be an option when working from home. However, even in a traditional office setting, sending a quick note on Microsoft Teams is still preferable, because it causes less of a disruption, helping everyone to stay on task. 

Best of all, you can categorize conversations, making it easy for certain teams to communicate with each other, without worrying about leaving anyone out. 

2. It Makes Meetings Easier

With more and more people working from home, being able to connect via video and audio calls is more important than ever before. Microsoft Teams has that technology built-in, so you can call or video chat with anyone on your team with the click of a button. 

Since Microsoft Teams is compatible on all devices, this makes it easier to connect on the go as well. No matter where your work takes you, Microsoft Teams can help you feel like you’re in the same room as your colleagues. 

3. It Offers Real-Time Collaboration

If your employees often collaborate on projects together, Microsoft Teams can make the whole process easier. Instead of having to work on files separately, sending updated versions back and forth, multiple employees can work on the same document through Teams in real-time. 

The program auto-saves the documents as well, so you never have to worry about losing work or overwriting changes from another colleague. 

4. It Integrates With Other Services

While Microsoft Teams is powerful on its own, perhaps its best feature of all is that it integrates with other services to do even more for your business. For instance, if your business relies on Twitter for customer feedback, you can integrate customer tweets into Teams, so employees can respond without switching to a different interface. 

For another example, learn more about how this company works with Microsoft Teams to help increase productivity.  

Explore the Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Yourself

Now that you’ve read more about some of the benefits of Microsoft Teams, you can make a more informed decision about whether it’s the right tool for your company. 

If you’d like to read more about business and technology, we hope you’ll browse through our other articles for more content like this.

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