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Who Accepts Bitcoin? These Are 5 Companies That Do!

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Bitcoin. It is taking off after recently reaching an all-time high price record of just over $66,000.

With so many people buying bitcoin and placing value on it, others may be curious where you can use this cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Well, there are more and more companies starting to adapt to this. Read on to find out who accepts bitcoin.

1. AT&T

AT&T started to accept bitcoin as payment back in 2019 and has been one of the biggest companies out there to take this crypto on. What this company does is use BitPay to take bitcoin payments, which is a third-party cryptocurrency payment processor.

They are the only major US cell phone company to accept this form of payment as of now, so AT&T has gained a market advantage over others such as Verizon or T-Mobile, which have not yet implemented this.

2. Some NBA Teams

A couple of NBA teams accept bitcoin, with the main two being the Sacramento Kings and the Dallas Mavericks. The Kings were very early adaptors to bitcoin, even paying some employees with the currency way back in 2014.

The Mavericks started accepting bitcoin as payment for tickets and merchandise back in 2019, and have now gone further into the cryptocurrency world by accepting dogecoin as well earlier in 2021.

Earlier in 2021, the Kings’ owner announced that he would be willing to pay some players in bitcoin as well.

3. Starbucks

Technically, Starbucks does give people the option to use bitcoin to convert in their stores but they do not take it directly. Starbucks allows people to use an app to convert cryptocurrency into US dollars which can then be used in their stores.

People can also use the app to convert cryptocurrency into gift cards such as in Starbucks, which can then be re-loaded onto the Starbucks app.

One place you can exchange bitcoin into gift cards that can be used in places like Starbucks is Byte Federal.

4. Paypal

This is not only a company that accepts bitcoin as payment but also one that allows you to buy and sell this cryptocurrency as well. Depending on what vendor you are buying something from, you can pay with bitcoin among other major cryptocurrencies at checkout using their platform.

It is also a more direct version than some other companies, allowing you to sell whatever amount of bitcoin you own on the platform to make the purchase and there are no extra fees to do this.

5. Travala

Finally, arguably one of the more successful companies to accept bitcoin as payment has been Travala. They are owned by Trip Advisor and have been accepting bitcoin for several years now, as far back as 2014.

This is mainly for booking hotels and hundreds of thousands of properties are on this platform for people that are interested in paying in bitcoin to use. With travel taking off in the last decade around the same time as bitcoin, some speculate this could be the future of paying for travel arrangements one day.

Find Who Accepts Bitcoin

These are just five companies that support the major cryptocurrency. Inevitably, the list of companies who accepts bitcoin should only grow in the near future.

Do you want to find more companies who do too? Check out our Business section.

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