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6 Signs You Need TV Antenna Repairs

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Did you know that HDTV transmitted over the airwaves is still the best way to get your picture-perfect display, even with the advent of high-speed internet? And with poor connection in rural areas, the TV antenna plays a pivotal role in keeping the world connected.

Whether you need it for video games or television services, it’s always a good idea to get your TV antenna looked at as soon as possible before any additional damage occurs! Let’s take a look at six signs you might need TV antenna repairs.

1. Broken TV Antenna

One of the most common problems with TV antennas is that they can break or snap off. Not only does this hurt the signal coming into your home, but it can also cause dangerous situations, especially if it’s got the potential to drop on a person underneath.

That’s a problem you don’t want to deal with because it can lead to really big issues, from your reception being blurry to total inaccessibility.

2. TV Antenna Not Receiving Channels

If you have a TV antenna installed, it’s always a good idea to test it out before you start getting the channels. You might not know if you’re receiving all the channels you’re paying for or if you’ve lost some channels due to a weak signal. If your television isn’t picking up anything but static, there may be a problem with your antenna.

3. TV Antenna Won’t Stay In Place

With many TV antennas, you have to attach them to your roof so they’re positioned for optimal reception. Suppose you try to slide them in and out or hold them in place, and they’re often falling off. That means your TV antenna is not installed correctly.

4. Reduced Range

Another sign to look for is if your TV antenna is decreasing the range of your reception. One big indicator of that is a loss in signals and sometimes a dip in low-band channels. If that’s happening, it’s time for a new antenna.

5. Static Interference

Another common issue when tv antenna troubleshooting is interference. This interference can come from other devices or products, but it can also be your TV aerial. That can cause many problems with your reception and even make it look like you’re not getting any TV at all.

6. No Maintenance Schedule

Suppose you move into a house with an existing TV antenna. Chances are you don’t know if it had any antenna problems beforehand.

But that’s a problem in itself, especially if your antenna is on the roof and out of reach. The more time passed, the more problems you’re going to run into in the future.

Check out the following TV Antenna Services for a full list of what’s available to you when looking at maintaining your TV antenna.

Troubleshoot Your TV Antenna Repairs

There are many things you can do to maintain the health and longevity of your TV antenna. So, if you notice any of these six issues with your TV antenna, it’s best to get someone specialized in TV antenna repairs out to have a look at it and see if they can get you back watching your favorite TV shows in no time!

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