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8 Corporate Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Actually Love

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Want to boost company morale? Well, then look no further than swag. 

Business swag is a great way to make employees feel appreciated while also getting your brand out there. But if you really want to blow people away, you’ll have to get a bit more creative than a branded pen. Hint: think practical items that feel luxurious!

Keep reading to learn 8 amazing corporate swag ideas for your employees.  

1. Apparel 

Branded apparel is lots of fun for employees because they can show pride in the company. Great apparel options include t-shirts, hats, hoodie sweatshirts, and quarter zips. 

And pro tip: if you need help creating your gear, use a service so that it’s better quality. For example, this service called Axomo helps design, produce, and ship your gear. 

2. Earphones 

If you have a lot of employees working from home, this is a great gift. They can use the earphones for their meetings or jam out to some music while working. 

And if you’re feeling generous, throw in a branded speaker too. 

3. Blankets 

A blanket is a great addition to any work-from-home space. But even if employees don’t work from home, who doesn’t love to cozy up in a blanket after a long day of work? 

And if your company is a little classy, make it a sherpa or weighted blanket. 

4. Tumblers 

Tumblers are practical swag items, yet they feel a little bit luxurious. And of course, they’re awesome for holding hot and cold drinks alike.

And if you have some alcohol enthusiasts in your company, you could also give wine or whiskey glasses. 

5. Workout Gear 

It’s always a good idea to promote healthy living and fitness to your employees. And the perfect way to do this is by supplying them with branded workout equipment. 

Great workout gear you could give them include yoga mats, jump ropes, or hand weights. 

6. Gourmet Coffee

What does every employee need in the morning to start their day? Coffee! 

Making your own gourmet coffee may be a bit tricky, but the payoff will be great. And you could even make a whole coffee swag pack with your coffee, spoons, and a mug.  

7. Self Care Pack  

These days, self-care is more important than ever. So why not put some wellness items in a swag bag? Inside, you could include candles, face masks, soap, and essential oils. 

And this pack is especially great if you’re a beauty or self-care company! 

8. Backpacks 

If your employees work in an office, good-quality backpacks are wonderful for carrying work supplies back and forth. 

And if you want to go the extra mile, put extra swag in the backpack. This could be a notebook, a water bottle, a laptop sleeve, or a phone charger.  

Did You Like Those Corporate Swag Ideas? 

No matter which of these corporate swag ideas you choose, you really can’t go wrong. So whether you get blankets or backpacks, people at the company will appreciate it. And before you know it, employee satisfaction will be up!  

If you found this article on company swag helpful, check out more of our business content. 

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