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A Quick Guide on How to Sell Your House Without an Agent

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The housing market is hot right now! Houses are selling for way over the asking price, millions of dollars over in some cases! 

Are you ready to sell your home? 

Whether you need to move for a new job or it’s time to downsize or it’s tempting to cash in on the hot real estate market, it may be the perfect time for you to sell. 

You can learn how to sell your home yourself and save up to six or seven percent in real estate commissions. 

If you’re considering selling your house on your own, get some home selling advice and tips in this guide on how to sell your house without an agent. 

Remember: It’s Not Easy

You need to be committed to putting in the time to do the work that a realtor would normally handle. This includes pricing, marketing,  and showing the home. 

You’ll be responsible for taking pictures of the home. (You may want to hire a professional.) You’ll also have to make use of social media sites to market the home. 

When you get an offer, it’s your job to negotiate the final price and take care of the legal and financial paperwork. It might be a good idea to hire a lawyer at this point. 

There are also websites that help walk you through the selling process. 

Get the Home Ready to Sell 

People want a home that’s clean and cared for. Get rid of clutter and give your home a deep cleaning inside and out. Take care of minor and major repairs. Paint with neutral colors if your home has colors that may not appeal to a majority of potential buyers. 

Price it Right 

Keep your emotions out of this part of the process! Use all the data you can gather to come up with the correct price to sell your home. 

There are online pricing calculators that use factors like the square footage, the number of bedrooms and baths, and the home’s location to compare to other homes sold in the area. 

Get Your Home on MLS

While the Multiple Listing Service is normally only available to real estate agents, it’s the best way for potential buyers to find your home. 

Find a “flat fee” MLS in your area to get your home listed. Once it’s on there, it may get picked up by national real estate websites for more exposure. 

Thinking about selling your house? Sell it fast with a few easy steps. Fill out the form, schedule a time to view the property, and get a fair cash offer with no obligation. 

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent 

Now that you know how to sell your house without an agent, you should have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and the work that will go into the process. Use these tips for selling your home and enjoy your success! 

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