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How to Measure Workplace Wellness in Your Organization

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In 2020, companies that offered workplace wellness programs experienced an 11% increase in revenue for every employee. These companies save $3.30 in healthcare costs for every dollar they spend.

It’s no wonder that businesses are putting more thought into investing in employee wellness.

The first step in analyzing your employee health is to measure your workplace wellness. Keep reading to find out how you can do this.

Start by Choosing Your Benchmarks

Before you begin to measure the wellness of your employees, you need to know what benchmarks will help you determine this. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • The health of employees
  • Stress levels of employees
  • Absentee records
  • Employee retention
  • Employee performance
  • Productivity of employees

If you have already put a wellness program in place but don’t have data on these measurements, find out where they stand right now. This will give you something to measure later.

Track Absenteeism

To measure workplace wellness, one of the first things you should track is how many absent days employees have. Track by quarter or by months and look for trends. Look for dips or spikes.

Track Employee Turnover

If you have to hire new staff to replace employees who have quit often, this could be a sign of high levels of stress. Satisfaction, productivity, and psychological safety at work can also be measured by tracking employee turnover.

One of the biggest reasons that staff quit their jobs is because they are dissatisfied. They may feel unchallenged or they may have too many responsibilities.

A wellness program can give staff the resources to help them communicate their needs, rather than quit. They will be able to develop the skills they need to overcome work dissatisfaction.

If you have a good workplace wellness program, you should see fewer employees quitting. You’ll have to hire more staff because of company growth, instead.

Track Team Development

Encourage employees to work as a part of a team. Designate teams of staff members to work on projects together. These teams will become more effective and productive if you measure your workplace wellness program correctly.

Measure Once, Measure Twice

Measure employee wellness programs over time. Collect data and analyze. Then, measure again. Measuring the effectiveness of employee wellness programs should be an ongoing process.

Continue measuring until you can see trends. These trends will help you determine the effectiveness of your workplace wellness program.

Workplace Wellness Programs Benefit Everyone

A good workplace wellness program delivers results for everyone. Staff is happier and businesses make more money.

Not all wellness programs deliver the same results though. Each business has different needs and so do its employees. Measuring workplaces wellness regularly helps you to help your employees.

Measure the effectiveness of programs often. You will see workplaces wellness increase. Everyone will benefit.

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