Jose Trinidad Marin | a Dad Sentenced to 31 years for Daughters ‘Sexual Assault

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An American Mexican Trino Marin was born on fifteen February 1964 becomes popular because of his Ex-wife Jenni Rivera, who was a famous songwriter, singer, spokesman, and actress. He was sentenced to thirty-one year’s prison for sexually abusing his daughters for many years as well as his wife’s sister. We will read the whole Jose Trinidad Marin biografia in this article.

Trino Marin’s Early Life

He belongs from Mexico, and after some years, he moved to the US with his family. He is a follower of Christianity. Moreover, the media don’t have much information associated with Jose Trinidad Marin’s mother, dad, and brother.

Married Life

Jose Trinidad Marin
Trino Marin’s Early Life

He met Jenni Rivera when they both were in high school. Jenni was fifteen years old, and Jose was twenty years old when they got married in the year 1984. Furthermore, in the same year, his wife became pregnant with her first baby. Even they both were in high school at that time. Their first baby girl Chiquis Rivera came to this world in the year 1985. With the passing years, they had three children, two girls, and one boy. All children are living a successful life now with their selected careers.

However, their love story didn’t get a fairytale end, and in the year 1992, they got divorced. According to the media reports, Jenni filed for divorce due to emotional, physical abuse caused by Jose Trinidad Marin. Soon after the divorce, Jenni came to know that he sexually abused his daughters as well as her sister, Rosie.

Marin’s Trial and Criminal Case

No doubt, Trino Marin committed a crime, but unfortunately, his sin was discovered after several years. He sexually abused his daughters and sister of his ex-wife. His sister-in-law spoke about his cruelty in 1997. After hearing this terrible news, Jenni filed a sexual assault complaint against Jose. On the basis of this, the court summoned him, but he ran away. Due to this, the court marked him fugitive. He started a new life in Riverside County after changing his identity. But, in April 2006, police arrested him, and all his efforts failed to save him from justice.

Moreover, after one year of a court trial, Marin was declared guilty of sexual assault and rape. Furthermore, a court sentenced him to thirty-one year’s life imprisonment. All family members were there at his trial time. His elder daughter Chiquis, who bear his cruelty for four years, expressed her love for her father and said she had forgiven him for his sins.

Jose Trino’s Present Life

Despite all the terrible things Trino did to his family, still his children love him, and both parties have good communication. Jose Trinidad Marin 2017’smeeting with his younger daughter was very good. Furthermore, she took pictures with her father. She said that she was forgiven him for all his crimes and sins. She wished that he can start a new life.

In 2019, his elder daughter Chiquis got married, and on this happy occasion, he called her from his prison. On her YouTube vlog, Chiquis recorded the entire ordeal for other people. We can also find the whole case history on maria esposa de Jose Trinidad Marin Wikipedia page.

Is Jose in Jail?

No doubt, the media spread several rumors about him. According to the one rumor he was released on the basis of his good behavior in the year 2018. But, that information was not confirmed by the authorities. Moreover, people didn’t receive other information about him. But, people were furious about his sins. This news about his early release was also fueled by the statement of his daughter that they had not talked with him about all this. However, the media didn’t receive any details about his release from jail. Read more about Nikki Catsura’s death photographs becomes her family’s nightmare and Stacy Wilson bus crime scene.

Most of the people are curious to know that is he still alive and serving his sentence or not. Several people still claimed that Jose must not be released from prison because he not only committed a crime, but it was a sin that he had done. In this case, we can say that people are still furious about the terrible acts of Jose Trinidad Marin. People’s whole sympathy is with his poor family.

The Bottom Lines:

We must think before committing any crime because no matter how far we run, in the end, justice will win. The story of the Jose Trinidad Marin familia has a lesson for all of us that we should respect our families and relationships. Moreover, we must behave in a respectful manner with females and make the entire environment safe for them. So, all the women can work and do their routine life tasks without any fear of sexual harassment and rape.

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